Handcrafted, thoughtfully designed and Instagram-ready. Perfect for birthdays, big days and Tuesdays.
The Allison · $98
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM
The Julianne · $81
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM
Seasonal stems sourced straight from the farm. Perfect for a “just because” treat... or better yet, treatin' yourself.
The Ayla · $68
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM
The Sylvia · $75
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM
The Clarissa · $85
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM
The Only Orchid · $75
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM
Carefully crafted combos that are sure to impress. Perfect for crushes, co-workers or best friends.
The Surprise Her Bundle · $110
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM
The Prince Charming Bundle · $100
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM
The Wonderland Bundle · $105
Available Tomorrow 9AM - 12PM

Learn more about Nex Florists

A Better Florist is your go-to Next florist and there’s no mistake about it. Unlike any other florists, A Better Florist has been born out of passion for flowers and catering to today’s customers. In a world where florists are just rushing to sell as many flowers as possible, our Nex florist is a pleasant change because we’re not just about the sales. We’re all about creating flower wonders that move you with their beauty.

Our Next Florist stands out because each member of the team has a passion for what they do. Their creativity is out of this world, and they are always up to date with what customers like and what’s trending. Forget about the traditional corner florist Nex offers, and find A Better Florist. Once you step into one of our flower shops or go to our website, you’ll immediately notice a difference.

We have several locations throughout Singapore, and our Nex flower shop is one. Our Nex florist is convenient for all who are in that area, just passing by and looking for a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Or, you might just want to deliver flowers to someone who’s near our Nex florist. Whatever the case may be, our Nex florists is the best choice.

If you’re near Nex, stop by and take a stroll through our world of flowers. We have a wide range of flowers for everyone’s taste. We don’t want to cater to a certain group of people, we want to cater to all. At all times our Next florist has pre-designed signature blooms and bouquets that are ready for you to take home. They’re all unique and different, and it’s hard not to find something you want at A Better Florist.

Our Nex florist can also take care of your gift needs, because we have a big selection of hampers for all occasions, fruit baskets, pampering bundles and flower arrangements that are nothing short of perfection. Our exquisite designs are what stands out and grabs your attention, and it’s hard to settle for anything less than A Better Florist after you’ve purchased flowers from us.

Our Nex florist has the best flower delivery in Singapore, because we deliver every day, even on the holidays. There’s no rest for us, until we deliver you the flowers you need. Our delivery also caters to those who lead a busy lifestyle and don’t have time to walk around in search for a good florist Nex has. Avoid a catastrophe and jump onto our website. Our website is a library of beautiful flower and gift creations, and all you have to do is click the order button. Oh, and let us know if you’re in a hurry, because our Nex florist can come within just 90 minutes!

Stop by our Nex florist and say hi! We’d love to welcome you into our world of luxurious beauty and gorgeous blooms, because it’s just a better world to be in. Take a little piece of with and share it with your loved ones. That’s our main goal; sharing love with beautiful blooms.