We’re Sorry :(

When it counted most, we did not deliver. On the day that our customers needed us the most, we failed. We ruined a lot of days yesterday, and that is something we have to live with, that each of us personally has to live with.

We assure all of those affected will receive a refund as soon as possible.

Please use this form to expedite your refund request.

It is with groveling apologies that we write this message to ask for your forgiveness for the awful service yesterday. We are a group of 20-somethings that thought we could make an impact in the world and brighten people’s lives along the way. We started this business because we were the folks that had companies treat us poorly, and the sad, ironic twist is now we did just that to so many others.

We worked all weekend without sleep. Our florists worked till the late hours, till their fingers went numb, and still it was not enough. People cried, there was yelling, and tensions were high and then on the day itself we did not execute.

Last year we received 200 orders.
This year, we received over 2,000 orders and our capacity to fulfill was outstripped.

As soon as we became aware that we were reaching capacity, we immediately deactivated the ability to place orders. This decision was taken 1 day before Valentine’s Day.

We called in friends, family, and strangers to volunteer to clear this workload. We spilled out of the office into the streets and worked non-stop. In the midst of the worst crisis in our company’s history, the sense of community we received from volunteers and passers-by was an absolute testament to the heartwarming kindness of the people we live amongst.

As orders started to slip, delivery times got pushed and the snowball effect soon spiraled out of our control. Our best-laid plans for customer support were overwhelmed, telephone lines were jammed and we could not answer a fraction of the inquiries we received.

In the spirit of the plucky little red dot that could, we will find the grit and resolve that Singapore was built upon, to solve this problem for all of those that we disappointed this Valentine’s Day.

We won’t stop until we do.

Steve Feiner
Founder & CEO
A Better Florist

在我们的客户最需要我们的那天, 我们让你们失望了。这是我们公司需要承受的事实。









Steve Feiner
Founder & CEO
A Better Florist