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Valentine’s Day Flower and Gift Guide

January 25, 2018

In less than a month, our streets are going to be filled with fresh bouquets, chocolate hampers and smiling faces. The faces in the city will be hidden behind gorgeous flowers, kisses from their loved ones and the smell of fresh roses will spread through the air like magic. That’s right – it’s Valentine’s Day. All the true love birds are already brainstorming Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts, and we wanted to jump on the bandwagon and give our two cents.


Stay tuned for our Valentine’s Day gift and flower suggestions for 2018.


99 Roses

A rose is only a rose, until you give it away… Stick with the classics. If you want to gift something that is tried and true to the person who fills up the space between your fingers perfectly, an elegant and rich 99 rose bouquet is the best choice.

Heart Wreath

Why not go for something completely unique and ask your favourite florist to create  a heart flower wreath made of her favourite flowers? Bouquets are beautiful, but if you’re looking to make a lasting impression with something yet unseen, a flower wreath in the shape of a heart is a beautiful, one-of-a-kind statement that can’t be forgotten.


For the less typical Valentines’ Day flower arrangement go for tulips. A vibrant mixture of colourful tulips is going to brighten up your Valentine’s Day, yet still send the right message – the message of love.


Our bundles are one of Valentine’s Day best sellers, because they’re the ideal combo of flowers and cute little tokens of appreciation. It’s perfect for that occasion when you don’t want to overdo it. Maybe you’re just starting off with your relationship, and you don’t want to come off to strong. Our ‘The Pamper Her Bundle’ as well as ‘The Wonderland Bundle‘ are going to set the right tone for Valentine’s Day.

Chocolate Hamper

If that special person in your life has a sweet tooth, a gorgeous chocolate hamper is going to sweep them off their feet! Customise your hamper with decadent chocolates that will melt in the mouth of that person that melts your heart! Don’t forget to add her/his favourites into the mix! Who can say no to chocolate?

Fruit Baskets

This might be the most common holiday gift, but a fruit basket can be a sweet surprise for your loved one, especially if they’re into a healthy lifestyle and love fruits. Customise your fruit basket and add her/his favourite fruit, to add that personal touch every Valentine’s Day gift needs. Add flowers into the mix and you’ll have the complete package that’s thoughtful and beautiful.


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