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Silk vs. Real Flowers, Which Should You Buy?

January 23, 2017


In this era, where salt can look like sugar and vice versa, it’s hard to determine the actual difference between fake and real. We’ve developed a careful eye for beauty, but at the same time, items that surround us have developed their appearance to the point where we have to question ourselves: Why buy real flowers, when you can have fake ones? Silk flowers are botanically correct, they are inspiringly lifelike, plus they last longer. Left with this dilemma, how do you make the right choice? Here we will explain the differences and benefits of Silk vs. Real Flowers.



Friendly Price

Silk flowers are, In the long run, a better financial option, as they can end up being a lot less cheap, especially if you’re planning to us it as reoccurring décor in your home.

Forever and More

They do last quite some time. In fact, if you take good care of them, meaning no throwing around and mishandling, they can last forever.


If you love flowers in every shape and form, but can’t stand being near them due to allergies, silk flowers are a good choice for you. Unless you’re allergic to silk, which is where you’ll have to settle for looking from afar.

Perfect for Projects

If you like to get creative every once in a while, especially working on projects with flower, silk flowers are easier to manage. You can twist, curl, bend them how much you want, and they can still be reused for other projects.

Bearer of Memories

If you gift someone silk flowers for a special occasion, you’ll make sure that the memory of that day lasts forever. Therefore, silk flowers are a better option for longer lasting memories.

All Weather Survivors

Silk flowers as opposed to real flowers, aren’t conditioned by weather. They can be transported, carried around, basically from one climate to the other, and still remain in the same condition.

Easy Maintenance

If you’re the type that doesn’t like to take care of flowers, or simply forgets to do so, silk flowers are great, because you don’t have to give them the time of day if you don’t want to. Clean them to get rid of any dust or dirt, and renew the store-bought freshness.


Unbeaten Freshness

Nothing beats the freshness of real flowers. There’s just something ‘WOW’ about a fresh bouquet of your favourite flowers. It’s probably that indescribable feeling, but it’s there.

Smell Engaging

Then there’s the smell. As charming the looks are, the scent is even more alluring. And you can’t recreate the scent of nature, no matter what.

Flower Power

Some even say that flowers have special powers, and can be healing. Of course, that is depending what kind of flowers you go for. With that being said, we would be wrong to say flowers can’t be soothing.


Each and every flower on this planet is unique. Given that they don’t come out of nature’s moulds, like silk flowers do in factories, every flower will be authentic. And that’s something you can’t buy.

Favourable Short-Term Pricing

If you’re buying flowers for a single occasion it’s probably more affordable to invest in a freshly-cut flower bouquet. You’re not going to be storing or reusing them, so there’s no point in making bigger investments.

Showing Sentiment

If you really want to show someone you care about that, let them know you wish them best, express admiration or love, fresh flowers have the ability to transfer that sentiment just by its own appearance.


And there you have it, all the beautiful benefits of both kinds of flowers. And since we don’t want to be the jury or the judge in this case, it’s all up to your personal choice. Which one suits your style?



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