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Why You Should Always Express Appreciation to Your Loved One

July 23, 2016


Do you appreciate and love someone and yet not have the habit of showing it to them? It’s basically like buying someone a Christmas gift, wrapping it and not giving it to them. Seems kind of pointless, doesn’t it? When it comes to appreciation, we believe it’s all about the show and tell.

Showing gratitude to a loved one is equally important for relationships with loved ones as respect and trust. Getting and asking for emotional satisfaction is great, but giving it unconditionally  is even better. Appreciation means literally showing how valuable a person is to you, in such a deeper way than what one call to 0nline flower delivery can do. It gives them a certain feeling of security and belonging because they know where they stand in that relationship.

Makes Them Feel Special

Instead of taking everyone and everything for granted, turn the switch on for value in your life. Make sure to never forget how valuable and special someone is to you and above all, make sure to tell them and show them this, whenever you have the chance. This specific act will transfer onto the person in the form of positive feelings like self-worth, and if done repeatedly, it will instil a feeling of being special and unique. At least to you, and that’s all that actually matters.

Communication Becomes Better

Have you ever been around a person who awkwardly says ’Thank you’ or ’You are so great’? Some people have difficulties expressing gratitude or appreciation. But when you praise someone and show them love even if they feel awkward about it, it will give serve as a positive example, which they can follow later on. If you are surrounded by people who constantly show appreciation, you’re bound to start mimicking their behaviour and create a communication channel where appreciation is not strange, but pleasant.

Bonds Become Stronger

People who aren’t afraid to show their appreciation through their actions or tell their loved ones what they feel grateful for on a daily basis invest in their relationship. Those seemingly unimportant words can create a big difference in every relationship, making it stronger. In fact, even in relationships with friends and family, you’re more likely to argue less and connect on a deeper level, if you don’t hesitate to show what you feel. So instead of burning your bridges you will build them, and when a person feels appreciated they will always do more for you than expected.

They Feel Like They Belong Somewhere

If you are in a relationship with a person, how do you know you mean something to them? Is it all in the air and the romantic gaze in the eyes, or is there something about showing and telling? You’ve guessed it, it’s not. Life is not a fairy-tale where you magically feel and know that you are appreciated. You can only know how much you mean to someone if they express it in a means that’s comfortable for them. If you follow this pattern of behaviour, you will find yourself being more appreciated as well.

People Feel Happy

And after all, everyone feels fulfilled and happy once someone appreciates them, for whatever it might be. Making people happy by showing appreciation will in return make you happy as well, so it’s a double win! Lack of appreciation or lack of showing it literally breeds negativity, so instead of cultivating negativity, spread positivity around by baring your heart and soul without fear.


If you look back in your life, it appears that some little things you took for granted turned out to actually be big and important things. That’s why you should take positive action today and make a change. Mind the awkwardness and start expressing appreciation today, for a better and more fulfilled life for both you and your loved ones.

Do you feel like you should show and tell appreciation? Or just show? We’d love to hear your thoughts.