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A Better Florist Flower Guide

All About Peonies

March 23, 2017


Peonies are commonly known to mean romance, a happy marriage, good fortune, riches, compassion, honor and prosperity. That’s a lot of meanings to tie down to one flower, but it’s pretty understandable once we get down to its history and mythology.

The peony is the state flower of Indiana, the traditional floral symbol of China and the 12th wedding anniversary flower.

In China, peonies are highly valued and often referred to as the “king of the flowers”. Up until 1929, they were the national flower prior to being replaced by the plum tree. Peonies were once implanted at the Imperial Palace, during the Sui and Tang dynasties. Due to this, they are known to symbolise honor, wealth and nobility.

Also, did you know that Chinese name for “most beautiful” actually translates into Peony?


History & Mythology

It is said that the peony was named after Paeon, a physician to the Greek gods. He was the student of the god of medicine, Aesculapius, who became jealous of his talents and tried to kill him. To save Paeon, Pluto (the god of the Underworld) transformed him into a peony, a flower that people would admire and praise. In another version of events, he was “saved” from mortal death by being turned into the flower we now know as the peony.

In ancient and medieval times, peonies were used for medicinal purposes. Their seeds and roots were believed to have been the cure for over 20 diseases including snake bites and epilepsy. Back in the day, in England, young children used to wear necklaces made out of peony roots to help with teething pains and prevent seizures.

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Flower Guide

6 Floral Arrangements for Every Personality

August 5, 2016

You’ve probably heard of the Holland’s Six Personality Types, but do you know what floral arrangements they correspond with? Inspiration comes from within, as they all say — it’s time to get inspired by the perfect floral arrangement for you.


1) Investigative

You are highly analytical with the admirable ability to branch into several trains of thought, all at once. With your uncanny ability to take all details of any given situation into careful consideration, you’re best represented by flowers rich with history and meaning. Unleash the Sherlock in you by exchanging bouquets to pass on the hidden message – this would definitely be a process you’d fall in love with.


We suggest flowers with a wide range of colours and meanings: maybe the rainbow rose, if you’re feeling adventurous?


picture 1

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2) Realistic

You are a highly pragmatic person who believes in sticking it out and working hard to drive the change you want to see. Upon setting your sights on a goal, you’re unlikely to be wavered by opposing forces of temptation. Such great determination is best reflected by a single focal point in the entire floral arrangement – sprightly flowers rising above the rest, just like how your efforts blossom into fruits of your labour.


Experiment with colour palettes, such as warm, bright red tulips popping out against a cooler, neutrally-toned base.


picture 2

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3) Conventional

Recall a time where an entire task was falling apart, but you rose to the challenge and turned the situation around entirely? These miraculous interventions of yours are probably countless in number to date! You are a systematic planner and a savvy strategist, so you should explore the well-organised, harmonious existence of flowers with vastly different characters.


Discover the best of flower combinations by interspersing them with neutral whites and off-whites.

picture 3

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4) Enterprising

Unleash the innovative spirit in you through floral arrangement. You are a charismatic leader bursting with the new and novel, always ready to plant the first seeds of growth. As a smart risk-taker who challenges norms, why not go against the conventions of flower arrangement? Rather than potting, try presenting these flowers to someone or someplace as a simple bouquet or on their own.


Carnations carry a wide range of meanings, from spontaneity to fascination, making them perfect for any audacious creative.


picture 4

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5) Social

A great friend leaves no friends behind, and that’s what you are! You are likeable, trustworthy and easy to befriend. Your big heart can be depicted by the bold colours of multiple floral species. Always ready to lift up a friend’s spirits when they’re feeling down, you’re best represented by sturdy, climbing stems that give way to blooming flowers sitting atop it all.


Large flowers and warm colours are always welcome. We can’t think of a flower more appropriate than chrysanthemums, which symbolise happiness.


picture 5

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6) Artistic

You’re the person everyone goes to for opinions on design, and the friend with the best Instagram feed. With an eye on a minimalist aesthetic 24/7, you are sure to exude this confidence in your artistry in any part of your flourishing portfolio. Apart from selecting flowers of uniform colour for a cohesive look, switching things up by putting flowers in a clear bottle or mason jar would be a great idea too.


Go with the flow and your instincts. You have it in you to turn simplicity into a masterpiece any day.

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With this guide, you’ll be creating masterpieces of your own with characteristic flair in no time. Get your creative engines up and revving by exploring Naiise and Megafash through today, and receive cashback while you’re at it!

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Flower Guide

10 Ways to Style Flowers for Mother’s Day

April 29, 2016

Flowers. Every woman adores them because they are quite the little beauties. They can make every event special, especially if you’re looking to surprise someone. For example, roses are a great way to make someone feel loved or show your passion towards them. On Mother’s Day, what you’re really looking for is your mom’s favorite flowers, styled in an original and beautiful way, and it will deliver the right sentiment without any doubt.

But if you’re really out of ideas and aren’t really the creative type, here are 10 different ways to style flowers for Mother’s Day that will make you look like a pro.



Focus on One Bloom

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers doesn’t have to be a mixture of various blooms in fact. Go mono botanic and pick up just on the type of flower that you love the most and pick up several bundles of it. Then you can make the bouquet or arrangement to be impressive and gorgeous by spreading the flowers around.


Seasonal Styling

Since Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days or even months throughout the entire world, you can style your flowers by choosing the flowers of the season and paying attention that the colors represent the colors of the specific season.




In the last year, flowers in Singapore which are in glass containers were huge hit, however, we’re suggesting to put your flowers in a non-transparent container. That way, your mom won’t have to stress about the murky water that can bee is seen through a glass container, plus, the detailing on the container can add a special touch to flowers.



The Same Cut

If you want a more clean look, take a vase or a container and measure one stem of the flower so that it just peeks out of the container. Then take the rest of the flowers and cut them so that they are all perfectly aligned in the container. Sometimes, perfection is simple.



Rustic Look

If you’re going for a more fresh-of-the-market look, you don’t necessarily have to run to the open market and buy fresh flowers. Get three kinds of blooms, and some greenery and wrap it all up in a paper. It’s going to look spontaneous, natural yet put together at the same time.


Focus on the Color

Make your bouquet vibrant and joyful by choosing different blooms of bright and strong colors that will get a double-take everywhere you pass.


Elegant Whiteness

Is your mom a classy gal? Stick with white flowers with greenery or vines, and keep the arrangement simple by tying a simple white or golden bow around it.



Think Small Yet Vibrant

Bigger doesn’t always mean prettier. Why not choose a smaller bouquet packed with gorgeous pink and purple blooms that keep the entire arrangement fun and vivid.



Unique Vessel

It’s not all about glass containers. If you’re struggling to give your bouquet that extra pop, pick a vessel that has a unique shape, and that doesn’t necessarily look like a vase.



Go Bold with Branches

If you’re more into gifting a grandiose bouquet, than try and make your simple arrangement stand out in size by adding a couple of cleaned up, long branches.


Always think in terms of combining colors, varieties, shapes and designs. It’s not all about getting the most expensive bloom. There’s something in putting a little bit of your own thought and imagination into creating the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet that’s going to have your name written all over it.