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How to Personalise Your Wedding

April 15, 2016

That special day is coming up and you’re still scrolling through Pinterest trying to find the right theme for your wedding? It’s time to stop scrolling and take a deep breath. First of all, your wedding is your special day and you should tailor it to your desires. So, how do you incorporate your love story and personality into the wedding? Here are a few ideas that might point you in the right direction.

Story-Time Aisle Runner

The moment you walk down the isle can be personalised as well! Think of incorporating your love story in the aisle runner, or make it stand out by using different materials and decoration pieces to change a boring, old carpet into a fascinating runner that will reflect both of your personalities.


Wedding Favors

If you’re determined the create wedding favors for all your guests, try to invest some time and creativity into each one. It can be a mixture of both what you like, and what the guests will want to cherish as a sweet memory. For example, you’re a Lakers fan. Why not include something with their logo on it?



Fun Performance

Usually, weddings host a romantic band that plays all your favourite songs, but if you really want to customize your entire ceremony and venue have someone near and dear to you recite a funny poem dedicated to you or a dance performance if one of your friends or family members is a dancer.

Personalised Slideshow

Certain couples include photos of their entire family and display it so everyone can see. Now, if you really want to be creative, why not grab photos of your entire wedding party, and make them as funny and weird as they can be. This way, you’ll incorporate a little bit of fun and comedy into your wedding. And if you really have a knack for humour, why not?



Food Fun

If you are able to hire a chef that can transform an ordinary food plate into a creative and magical reflection of your personality or hobbies, then go ahead and do it. You’d be amazed how an ordinary dish presented with a little bit of creativity can influence the entire atmosphere during dinner.


Weddings are, after all, a reflection of your life and love, and why not step outside the box and truly make it your own. Don’t be afraid of what people are going to think, the only thing that matters is that you make it your own and everyone else is going to appreciate it.