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7 New Hobbies for the Highly Creative

July 9, 2016


Let’s face it, we all get bored of what we’re doing once in awhile. On days when our patience wears thin faster than usual and inspiration eludes us, it’ll probably be a good time to divert our attention to an entirely different activity. However, no matter who you are, we’re sure that you’d be excited to explore these new creative hobbies that are bound to ignite passion and brew creativity.


  1. Handlettering




Calligraphy, brush lettering, typography – the growing prominence of handwritten typefaces in recent years has united lettering artists worldwide. After all, who doesn’t love a well-executed cursive against a watercolour background and floral motifs crafted by hand? These artistic feats have inspired budding calligraphers to document their journeys toward improvement and prompted professionals to contribute guides, tips and tricks to online communities for learners, making it a prime time to delve into the art of hand-lettering.


  1. Baking



Tinkering around the kitchen tends to be viewed as the ‘same-old’ past-time, but the truth couldn’t be farther from that. If you’ve seen videos of patissiers laying down the perfect galaxy cake glazes, or self-taught enthusiasts piping the most intricate buttercream roses you’ve seen on a tray of cupcakes, you’d know exactly what I’m talking about. It isn’t easy to tear your eyes away from the screen once the video begins and the masterpiece starts to unfold – so why not try your hand at making your own confectionery?


  1. Zine making




If you’ve always associated zines with pulp fiction, staple-bound pages and general nerdiness, you’re actually right. Zine-making has roots in fan-made material and informal publishing, which explains the association of zines with dissent and nonconformity. Zines can be a great medium for the exploration of thoughts and ideas without the pressure to perform or publish. A photocopier, paper and staples are all you need to get started!


  1. Making art



When the creative juices run dry, working in an ambience and setting you aren’t familiar with may just be the key to getting your engines up and revving again. Art jamming is a great alternative if you’re the kind to shut yourself in when working on a brand new piece. Alternatively, take it outside – urban sketching can be a refreshing activity for seasoned illustrators. Or if you’re looking for warmups, adult colouring books are great exercises to start your day.


  1. Bookbinding




Finding the perfect notebook for your needs can be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be when you can make it yourself. Bookbinding is a great hobby to pick up – the repetitive tasks of folding signatures, punching holes and sewing spines are highly comforting and calming. More importantly, these notebooks are highly useful and customisable to one’s personal preferences. If you’re exhausted from hunching over your desk and pouring over your notebooks, why not spend the time creating one for yourself?


  1. Risograph printing




Initially viewed as a cheap format of printing, artists have increasingly put a spin on conventional tools to produce great artwork. If you’re looking for a new medium to explore, this could be it – risographs are well loved for their sprightly colours as well as the process of making a print. Beyond creating the artwork, the onus is on the artist to coordinate its execution, such as the gradation and overlay of the colour palette.


  1. Floral arrangement



Floral arrangement has been gaining popularity amongst creatives in recent times. Apart from learning about the different species of flora you’re working with, you’ll also get to further hone an eye for design and aesthetics in the language of flowers. Floral arrangement is a therapeutic hobby which is great for refocusing a turbulent mind and centering scattered energies.


If you’re seeking new inspiration in life, these 7 creative hobbies would be great additions to creative lifestyles like yours. With their heightening popularity and growing communities worldwide, now’s the best time to hop on board and expand your interests in these pastimes.



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