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My Startup Secret Weapon: My Parents

January 6, 2017
My Startup Secret Weapon: My Parents

Starting a business is hard. No one will deny that, but I have a secret weapon: My parents.

My Startup Secret Weapon: My Parents

My Parents

My parents are wonderfully kind, incredibly supportive people. They don’t care about growth. They don’t care about cash flow. My parents just want to see me smile.

I have had a fairly unconventional career. I moved away from home at 17. I quit my first job after 2 months. I left consulting to take a chance on some startup. Spent a few months living in Colombia in a city made famous by Pablo Escobar. Finally, I spent 3 years at Google and left to start a flower business. With each decision I followed my gut and did what I thought was right, and with each decision they remained patient, thoughtful and supportive.

From New York to Singapore

I grew up in New York. I am an only child. My first job moved me to Chicago. It wasn’t so far. They would always call. I would always call. Every few months we would visit each other.

I remember the first time they visited. Even without saying anything, I could sense how much they missed me. How they missed having me home. Instead of convincing me to head back to New York, we just hugged and talked. They were content just knowing that I was happy.

Then I moved to San Francisco. It wasn’t too much further. It was a similar story when they visited me. I remember laughing at lunch, sightseeing in Napa, and having fun with each new experience. Of course they wanted me home, but all they said was ‘I love you, Steven’.

Then I moved to Singapore. I don’t think my parents knew where Singapore was. My parents’ only son now lives on the other side of the world, in a country that they have never dreamed of visiting.

I know it’s hard on them. It’s honestly hard on me too.

Startup Dreams vs Family

So now I live far away doing something that I love to do. They can see my passion. They know my dreams. I want to disrupt the flower industry, but they just want me to marry a nice, Jewish girl. Oh, well.

Every single step I take, I take because they have paved the way. Every single time I feel down, I muster enough strength to get back up because of what they have taught me. Every single time I need someone to lean on, they are there.

There is really only one thing left to say: Thank you. I love you Mom and Dad. You are truly amazing and wonderful parents.

If you are reading this, please just go home and tell your mom and dad you love them.

My Startup Secret Weapon: My Parents

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