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How to Properly Take Care of Your Christmas Cactus

December 10, 2017

A Christmas Cactus is the most talked about plant during the festive season. It’s unusual, attractive and a beautiful decor piece or a gift idea for Christmas. Red, yellow, pink, white – these are just some colours the beautiful petals come in, so it’s also a great plant to keep around your home, as it doesn’t have to be associated just with Christmas. If you want to nourish this plant all year long, so you always have it in your home, here’s how you should do it.

Spring Care

When spring arrives, it’s to fertilize after flowering. Maintain watering, but only water when the soil is completely dry.

Summer Care

Feel free to give your Christmas Cactus a taste of the outdoors. Bring it outside, but don’t place it in a sunny spot. Direct sunlight can actually damage the leaves, and burn them, if the heat is too intense. Instead place it in a location where there’s shade, or at least semi-shade.

Just because it’s a cactus, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean moisture. This is the most common misconception, that leads to your Christmas Cactus wilting. In fact, Christmas Cactus is different and requires a lot of moisture, especially during the summer.

Autumn Care

When the leaves start leaving the branches of trees, it’s time to take your Christmas cactus back inside. Make sure to place it in a room that’s going to provide light, but not additional evening light. When buds start to appear once again, you can bring it into your living room or any room that you like. This will usually be around September.

As far as watering is concerned, it’s time to change things up. While you were supposed to water it continuously during the summer, tone it down a bit in autumn, and water it simply so it doesn’t start wilting.

Winter Care

When you slowly start to approach winter,¬†keep nourishing it and watering it, and make sure that the air doesn’t get too dry in the room where your Christmas Cactus is. It needs humidity to a certain point, and it needs hydration to keep budding and producing gorgeous blooms. At this time, it’s best to place it in an area of your home where it’s going to get about six hours of indirect sunlight.


Are you as equally obsessed with this gorgeous plant as we are? Then we suggest gifting it to someone, or if you are lucky to receive one, start nourishing it so that you will have it all year long.


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