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5 Flower Teas That Are Beneficial to You During Your Period

July 6, 2017

Tea always sounds more decadent when you know that it’s from or mixed with a flower; but did you know that flower teas do more than just look fancy?

If you’re like most girls, you’ve probably had a menstrual cramp at least once in your life. That’s why we’ve come up with a list of 5 types of flower teas that are beneficial to you during your period. (Be it for your cramps or for your PMS)


  • If you can get the dried flowers instead of the tea bag versions of the flower teas, even better!
  • Add in some honey/lemon juice/cinnamon/ginger to taste to give your tea an extra boost.


     1. Chamomile Tea

Studies have shown that Chamomile Tea contains compounds that can actually help to relieve menstrual cramps and bloating. This is because the tea can help to increase glycine in your body, which is a chemical that relieves muscle spasms and acts as a nerve relaxant to help your body relax.

Chamomile tea can also help to regulate irregular periods by stimulating blood flow in the pelvic and uterus.

Tip: It is more efficient in reducing premenstrual pains if you start drinking the Chamomile tea a couple of days before your period comes!

2. Hibiscus Tea (Roselle Tea)

The health benefits of hibiscus tea are endless. From relieving high blood pressure and cholesterol, to building up the immune system, and even aiding in digestion, it’s no wonder that this tea makes it to our list.

Hibiscus tea, also known as Roselle Tea, can help relieve menstrual cramps as well as helping to restore balance as well. This could help with your mood swings, depression, and even overeating habits during that time of the month.


       3. Carnation Tea

Carnation tea is definitely another go-to tea for stress relief.

In Europe, folk medicine relied on carnation tea or infusions of carnation in their medicine to help relieve nervousness and even nausea from sea-sickness! In China, carnation tea was used to help the body and spirit relax, and restore energy into the body.

Furthermore, because carnations have anti-inflammatory properties (such as reducing swelling), they have long been used to reduce muscle tension in uterine tissues; reducing the discomfort of menstrual cramps. 

       4. Rose Tea

Rose tea has traditionally been taken around the world to alleviate menstrual cramps.

A study done in Taiwan among 130 teenage girls across 6 months concluded that rose tea resulted in lesser menstrual pain, and reduced their PMS symptoms.

Rose is also found in a lot of skincare products, and has good reason to be. Rose can help to maintain your skin’s healthy appearance, along with treating acne due to its inflammatory and antibacterial properties – perfect for those of us who break out during that time of the month!

     5. Black Cohosh Tea (Baneberry Tea)

This last one sounds a bit strange, but is more powerful than you think.

Black cohosh, also known baneberry, is known for its ability to provide relief for menstrual cramps, excessive bleeding, menstrual migraines, mood swings, ovarian pain, and even hot menopausal flashes!

However, the herb makes quite a powerful tea, so always keep your consumption to the recommended amounts. Too much of it can cause migraines and headaches instead of relieving them, and even nausea, vomiting, and diarrhoea.

Now that you know of 5 types of tea that are beneficial to you during your period, grab your favourite mug, pour in that tea, and get ready to conquer the world!


This article piece is written by a writer from

PSLOVE-circle-logo-web (1)

The pslove company is a company healthcare start-up born and bred in Singapore, who works towards producing natural heat therapy patch to help women with their everyday aches and pains. Their products include Menstruheat (for menstrual cramp relief), BackHeat (for back pain relief), and NeckHeat (for neck/shoulder pain relief). Whether it is through their products, services, or blog, they have only one goal in mind – That ladies should be able to manage their cycle well and be ready to deal with their period at all times! 


A Better Florist Guest Posts

5 Tips for a Perfect Wedding on a Budget

May 1, 2017


So you’ve decided  to say “I do” – Congrats! For all the lovers out there that cupid has matched, planning for the wedding is one of the biggest, and probably the most awaited event in their lives. It is also one of the biggest expenses in one’s lifetime. Well, that is no surprise, simply because we all want the best for that moment.

Starting from the wedding gown (or gowns!), the tuxedo, reception, photography, videography, flowers and more, to that very location where the most anticipated ceremony of your life will be held – the expenses can get overwhelming.

But wait... does your bank accounts really have to suffer just to come up with that classy and enchanting wedding you are dreaming for? Or could you find ways to help you save and yet end up with the best wedding ever?

Check out Cardable’s 5 tips for you to achieve that perfect wedding on a small, manageable budget!

  • 1) ‘Dealing’ With Your Guests


Let’s talk about about how you should deal with your guest-related tasks, and how we can actually make a deal with them to save you up for that perfect wedding.

First up… who to invite? Well, except this is the most awaited event of your life, a wedding ceremony is a sacred symbolism of you two coming together as one. And who do you want to witness it? Keep in mind that every single guest adds up to your expenses – so, keeping it only those special people on your list will not only make it intimate but helps with your budget.

Try an elimination method in creating your guest list. That might feel a little ruthless, but no – you are not obligated to spare a space for everyone you know. Think about it this way, you’re just reserving every single seat for the most special loved ones in your life! Keeping your guest list manageable will also give you the time and capability as a host to spend some moments with each guest on the special day.

The number of guests could also determine your expenses on the reception or banquet location, from catering to seating arrangements, even right to the invitations so do take your time to be sure of your guest list.

Next, how do we make a deal with these special guests? Instead of expecting for a wedding gift, why not rather ask some of them to contribute their talents and their time to help you deal with the different events and concerns for your wedding?

Your guests, especially if they’re actually a close friend, or maybe a relative – would absolutely be grateful to have a considerable involvement with your special day. All you need to do is to simply ask. Whether for the photography, as a wedding planner or even the pianist, someone will always be happy to help you out. Well, what’s greater gift compared to that? Plus, they’ll appreciate the honor – undoubtedly.

  • 2)  Dressing Your Wedding Entourage


Saving on the outfits of your wedding entourage does not have to hurt the eye. Simply check out ready-made dresses, instead of custom-made ones. All you need is to decide on the colour theme or a certain style and you’re all set to go to look for the right store selling the sizes. With the number of chic and trendy online fashion and blogshops, you can afford to pick and choose the one that suits your style and theme.

Another option is to have your bridesmaids’ dress come from their own closet – just be sure they’ve got just the same shades of color or aligned with your wedding theme. On tuxedos or shirts for the groomsmen, wearing their own ones or simply renting are great options to skip the expenses.

Alternatively, you can consider buying matching accessories instead of having everyone wearing the same outfits. A chunky bracelet or a nice pair of heels for the bridesmaids could do the trick, while matching bow ties or hats for the groomsmen could be it.

Before you make any purchases, be sure to browse for something you really like and check out the available promotions that are available with your credit cards.

The golden rule: Be absolutely certain that everything is matchy-matchy and consistent with your colour scheme and theme, then everything’s all good to go.

  • 3) Go for Your Kind of Reception


Considering your own, or a relative’s home for the location of the ceremony could be meaningful and a good alternative for an expensive building or function hall for your reception.

You might also consider having the ceremony outdoors for a scenic and unforgettable backdrop for your vows. Just remember, everything is uncertain especially the weather. Prepare for a backup plan, being soaked to the bones while saying your promises are quite interesting – but not your guests might not be impressed!

If you opt for a wedding banquet at restaurants or hotel, be sure to check out if there are any special offers available with certain credit cards. Be sure to also negotiate with the banquet manager for bonus items, like invitation cards or wedding favors and you can also opt to exchange certain items from the standard packages that you might not need.

  • 4) On The Dishes and Toast: Cater to Save


Food costs can be significantly decreased if you’ll manage to get help with the food catering or even the wedding cake from your family and friends who are great cooks or bakers!

But if that’s not a skill on both sides, consider looking for catering services of which are family-owned. They usually charge fewer fees for their service, yet with the same good quality of the famous caterers.

While for the toasting part, instead of having an open bar for the alcohol, a tip is to keep it simple with just wine and/or beer. Sometimes, even fruit punch or soft drinks are good enough. There are a lot of options for controlling this cost, as there are different ways in which you can play with this one. Having the liquors supplied by you is far frugal than compromising with the cost of those from the venue but keep in mind if there are any corkage charges.

Although keeping everything in line with a small budget is the goal, do not forget that it is better to have enough drinks during the reception, rather than stressing yourself  for an urgent case of running out on supplies.

  • 5) Honeymoon: Go for Memorable, Skip the Fancy


Keeping your honeymoon simple is not really a way of frugality, rather a decision based on convenience. After the tiring and frantic days of preparations leading up tilll your wedding day – perhaps a memorable location nearby would be better than a 18-hour flight somewhere.

What’s important is for both of you to be able to totally relax and have great moments together, wherever you may choose to be.

At the end of the day, remember that the wedding is just one day and the most important thing is that you are married to each other. Wedding budgets, whether how thrifty or how lavish, isn’t and will never be of more importance than the heart of two lovers willing to pave for perfection and the mind that searches for possible ways to do so. Don’t let finances be your reality’s limit!

This article piece is written by a writer from Cardable.
Cardable is a platform that brings together the best in credit card loyalty promotions for the Asian consumer. Check out for daily deals that you can get with your credit cards!

For customised wedding bouquets to complement the wedding of your dreams, please contact us at [email protected] or drop us a call at +65 31631525.