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Flowers That Send a Romantic Message

January 25, 2018

If you’re not Shakespeare or John Keats when it comes to writing love poems, and you can’t write anything deeper than the good old Roses are red verse, then we have a solution that’s doesn’t require a pen or paper. Or a romantic mind for that matter. All you need is a florist who knows what he’s doing, and flowers that are going to make for the most beautiful and touching love poem your significant other has ever read or heard.

Which flowers send a romantic message, and what kind of a message it is? Stick around to find out.

1. Purple Roses

The red rose is known as the lover’s rose, but this time, we want to make a romantic twist and suggest a purple rose, that can be coupled with lilac flowers. This arrangement is given to the one that, similar to fairy tales, you’re enamored with.

2. Forget-Me-Not

Although the name tells a lot on its own, this flower can hit two birds with one stone. It can be sent as a symbol of a long love full of memories, as well as a symbol of true love. When you want to ensure someone that she’s ‘the one’, this is the bloom to go with.

3. White Daisies

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day for daisies, as this gentle, white-petaled bloom represents loyal love. If you want to express love and loyalty with one flower or one bouquet of flowers, daises will do the trick.

4. White Dittany

Never heard of this mysterious bloom? Well, you’re about to remember it forever. This white flower not only sends a love message, it’s known as an aphrodisiac. Gentlemen usually gift it to ladies when they want to express their desire and passion, but it can also work wonders for couples.

5. Ranunculus

Want to let a lady know that you’re absolutely ravished by every single aspect of her? Gift her a lush bouquet of Ranunculus flowers this Valentine’s Day, and we guarantee you that she’ll get the message.

6. Tulips

Classic, colourful and affordable, tulips are the ideal choice this February, if you want to deliver the message of a perfect love.

7. Orchids

Orchids are a sophisticated and delicate bloom, but beware! Orchids have a romantic meaning that you might not know about. They’re the ideal gift for Valentine’s Day, because they symbolise exotic seduction. Therefore, if you want to send out a stronger and bolder love message, go for orchids.

8. Red Carnations

No, they are not funeral flowers, and we’d like to forget about their bad reputation once and for all. Red carnations show someone who deep your love is, and it’s perfect for couples who are over the beginnings and are, in the words of Adele, rolling in the deep.


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