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Flowers for a new mom: a newbie’s guide

December 18, 2015

Written by: Melissa Chue

Nothing says “congratulations” better than a beautiful bouquet of flowers for a new mom. But for first timers, picking a bouquet can be almost as tricky as, say, navigating the unchartered world of motherhood!

So before you change your mind and get a tacky, generic balloon, we’ve compiled a checklist to help you choose:


What’s the gender?


While gender norms may not matter that much nowadays, asking whether the newborn is a boy or a girl can be a good way to help you choose the colour scheme – blue for boy, and pink for girl.


Baby Flowers


Of course, don’t let these basic colours get in the way of your creativity; a mix of white and other pastel shades like yellow, purple and even light green is one combination that is non-conventional, yet just as eye-catching.


Pick your arrangement


flowers arrangement


Once you’ve decided on the colour scheme, you can start picking your arrangement. While carnations are a top choice, with their soft appearance and aromatic scent, they won’t last as long as hardier varieties like Gerberas.


flower gerbera


New mothers are often too busy looking after their newborn and adjusting into their new phase in life to worry about them flowers, and with a weather like ours, the longer-lasting the flower, the better. When in doubt, choose a simple pattern of big and small flowers that mesh well together.


Other elements


While flowers are the centrepiece, there are other elements to a picture worthy bouquet. Little trinkets like mini teddy bears, ribbons and subtly placed chocolates can make the bouquet truly hers. A congratulatory card signed by friends and family adds a nice touch, too.


flowers card


Flower wrap, basket, or vase?


To make it easier for your new mom to transport or store it, it’s best to gift flowers in a ready made basket or vase – remember that you’re not the only one who may be sending a bouquet, and getting a vase to store them is not high on the parents’ priorities. Be sure to pick one that compliments the colour of the flowers!


When to send it


It might not seem obvious, but time is a crucial factor in getting the most out of your bouquet. Most send it immediately upon hearing about the birth. The next best time would be one to two weeks after, as new mothers would typically spend the first week recovering and adjusting to motherhood. If the baby is born premature or ill, it could be better to wait for its condition to stabilise before gifting the mother, too.

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