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How to Personalise Your Wedding

April 15, 2016

That special day is coming up and you’re still scrolling through Pinterest trying to find the right theme for your wedding? It’s time to stop scrolling and take a deep breath. First of all, your wedding is your special day and you should tailor it to your desires. So, how do you incorporate your love story and personality into the wedding? Here are a few ideas that might point you in the right direction.

Story-Time Aisle Runner

The moment you walk down the isle can be personalised as well! Think of incorporating your love story in the aisle runner, or make it stand out by using different materials and decoration pieces to change a boring, old carpet into a fascinating runner that will reflect both of your personalities.


Wedding Favors

If you’re determined the create wedding favors for all your guests, try to invest some time and creativity into each one. It can be a mixture of both what you like, and what the guests will want to cherish as a sweet memory. For example, you’re a Lakers fan. Why not include something with their logo on it?



Fun Performance

Usually, weddings host a romantic band that plays all your favourite songs, but if you really want to customize your entire ceremony and venue have someone near and dear to you recite a funny poem dedicated to you or a dance performance if one of your friends or family members is a dancer.

Personalised Slideshow

Certain couples include photos of their entire family and display it so everyone can see. Now, if you really want to be creative, why not grab photos of your entire wedding party, and make them as funny and weird as they can be. This way, you’ll incorporate a little bit of fun and comedy into your wedding. And if you really have a knack for humour, why not?



Food Fun

If you are able to hire a chef that can transform an ordinary food plate into a creative and magical reflection of your personality or hobbies, then go ahead and do it. You’d be amazed how an ordinary dish presented with a little bit of creativity can influence the entire atmosphere during dinner.


Weddings are, after all, a reflection of your life and love, and why not step outside the box and truly make it your own. Don’t be afraid of what people are going to think, the only thing that matters is that you make it your own and everyone else is going to appreciate it.


Flower Guide

Perfectly Pressed Flowers

April 8, 2016

We spend our whole lives trying to preserve beauty, grabbing and reaching for every possible solution to keep our beauty forever. Although this task is quite frustrating for us, when it comes to flowers, preserving their beauty couldn’t be easier.

People press flowers for various reasons. Whether it’s for pure sentimental value, and they want to hold on to a memory, or to enrich their collections of beautiful blooms. If you want to learn how to perfectly press flowers, go through these super-simple steps, to preserve every single detail as best as possible.

  • Right Picking Time

Before storing your pressed flowers away to dry, make sure that you chose the right flower at the right time. It’s best to press fresh flowers, picked in the morning, after the dew has evaporated. If you’re framing or storing the flowers into your collection, you should make them harvest them right before their peak. The way they look at the moment of harvesting is the way they are going to look pressed, so make sure they are looking their best.


  • Drying Materials

In order to dry flowers before they start browning, use blotting paper, coffee filters, newspapers or plain, untreated tissues to absorb the moisture and speed up the drying process. This will help preserve the beautiful and vibrant color of just about any flower.


  • Methods of Pressing

And finally, you need to learn the techniques of pressing. The three most popular ways are pressing with a book, microwave, and a flat iron.

  • The Book

Put the flower between two layers of absorbent paper, and place a heavy book on top. Or, you can press the flowers within the book itself, which is the most common pressing method.

  • The Iron

Once again, put the flowers between two pieces of absorbing paper. Set the iron on low heat, and make sure not to add water to it. The steam will add moisture to the flower, and you don’t want that. If you can, before ironing place a heavy book to additionally help with flattening. Place the iron onto the absorbent paper and hold it there for 10 seconds. There’s no need to move the iron around. Afterwards, wait for the paper to dry and remove it to see whether the flower is pressed and dry.

  • The Microwave

This unusual method involved either using books (without metal binders) or ceramic tiles to press the flower together. Place your desired flower between absorbent sheets and in a book or between two ceramic tiles, which you are going to tie together with rubber bands. Heat it up in the microwave for up to 60 seconds at a time. The results are amazing!


Once you go through these steps, you’ll have perfectly pressed flowers and a moment caught in time that is forever yours to keep! Do you have a special technique for pressed flowers? Share with us, we’d love to hear!


Flower Guide

5 Easy DIY Flower Table Arrangements

April 1, 2016

Creating inspiring or even jaw-dropping flower table arrangements isn’t a task fit only for the professionals. You can do it to, at your own home. With our help! Here are 5 suggestions for easy-to-do flower table arrangements that will make the room pop with… whatever you want it to pop with!


  • Clean and Classy Poppy

If you’re looking for something really elegant and radiant, that doesn’t require a lot of cutting, arranging or thinking, go for ruffly poppies. Get your favorite bowl or a vase, and get a handful of hosta leaves. Place the leaves outside of the arrangement, and make sure that the ruffly poppies make the center of the arrangement.

You can either put one of these arrangements on the table, or make a combo of smaller and bigger vases, and simply change up the color of the flowers.


  • Inside the Glass

Just because you’re not hiring a professional to do your flower table arrangements, doesn’t mean that they can’t look expensive and stylish! Here’s a gorgeous idea: Take the flower of your choice, it could be a calla lily, an orchid and place it in a really high, glass vase. You don’t want the flower to stick out of the vase, yet mysteriously stay inside the vase. Just like in the Beauty and the Beast.


  • Serving Flowers

If you really love the look of big blossoms such as roses, peonies and hydrangeas, then you will really love this flower arrangement. Take one of your favorites, whether it’s roses or hydrangeas, or basically all three of them and pick a pastel and calming color. Cut the stems short, because you won’t be putting them in a tall vase. You’re going to take one of the gorgeous looking serving bowls and place your flower arrangement inside. It won’t matter how you arrange it because the beauty of the lush flowers and the gorgeous serving bowl are an unexpected combo that will definitely turn heads.

lead-table-runner_gal (1)

  • A Growing Table Runner

This table arrangement is going to give your table a charming, natural feeling and give it just the right amount of decor it needs. Gerber daisies have always been one of our favorites. They are bright, gorgeous and fun, and can be used in absolutely every arrangement. Pair them up with wheat grass and align them along the center of the table for a vibrant and real-life table runner!


  • Clusters of Color

Short on time but really need a flower table arrangement on your table? Go to the grocery store and get a flower combo that you love the most. Then, get a medium tall vase and cut the stems short. Now, arrange the flowers into groups by color, not by variety, so that your quick and simple arrangement gets a little flair!


Being short on time or cash is really no excuse not to create a table arrangement that will dazzle everyone who walks by it. All you need is a handful of flowers and a couple of minutes to read out the easy walkthrough and you’ll make arrangements like a pro.

Flower Guide

7 Amazing Presents for Your In-Laws Birthday

March 25, 2016

Finding presents for your loved ones can be a fun, yet stressful and puzzling process. This, of course, depends on who you are shopping for. If you’ve never shopped for your in-laws before, you won’t be aware how frustrating this process can be. Not because they are your in-laws, but because you want to hit the right the note, which can be hard, if you’re not really skilled at playing the piano.

As always, we’re here to help you play the right tune. Here are 7 awesome gifts that your in-laws are going to adore.


  • Spice Set

If your in-laws like to spend a lot of their time in the kitchen next to the stove, or in the garden next to the grill, this is the perfect gift for them. Every foodie, who loves cooking and crafting delicious recipes, would enjoy a set of exotic spices, especially if it consists of something they have never tried using before.


  • Tablet Stand

For those techie in-laws, a table stand will be the perfect solution. Grab a huggable tablet stand and make their browsing and reading a lot easier. They can take it pretty much everywhere with them, which means technology and comfort will always be at their disposal.


  • Board Games

Add a little fun to both their and your life, so that the next time you come over you can play board games together. There are so many options to choose from these days, which makes fun for the whole family!


  • High-Quality Glass Set

They might not be missing glassware, but a contemporary set of glasses that have an elegant style will make a perfect gift for your in-laws birthdays.

cutting board

  • Customized Cutting Board

They might not be that into cooking, but this gift will definitely get them to spend more time in the kitchen. A personalized board for cutting can contain their family name, and it makes for a great personal touch.

book set

  • Keepsake Book Set

If you want your in-laws to save the memory of their relationship with their grandchildren, pick this treasure book, which they can store letters, photographs and cards to cherish the loving memories forever.

table tennis

  • Portable Table Tennis

There’s nothing better than the gift of fun. This portable table tennis set is perfect for taking on camping trips or road trips so that the whole family can have fun, especially if you manage at beating the in-laws!


The key to acing the gift for your in-laws is knowing a lot about them and predicting what they would really love and need at this moment. It doesn’t have to be expensive or unique. It just has to be thoughtful and show that you care.

Flower Guide

A Guide to Writing Condolence Messages with Flowers

March 18, 2016


It’s always difficult to write or even speak to someone in a time of sorrow because losing someone is never easy. You’re never quite sure what to say, and what is the right thing to say. When a loved on passes away, there’s a lot you can do. For example, be there for the family, offer your help and give them your care. One way of showing sympathy and support are condolence messages, which are usually coupled with flowers that additionally help express your compassion and sorrow for their loss.

To cut to the chase here’s how to write condolence messages the right way, and which flowers should accompany it.


  • Make It Short and Considerate

Condolence messages should, in essence, be short and concise, but still have a thoughtful tone. They should express support, show that you feel for them, and think of them in such hard times. Write something along these lines: Always in our hearts. Accompany this short and sympathetic message with a bouquet of lilies, which usually symbolize the return of the deceased has found peace.


  • Be Respectful

In delicate times of sorrow, we have to be very careful not to insult or hurt anyone, and make sure to show utmost respect in every aspect. Therefore, respect the deceased and his family, no matter what their religious beliefs and life decisions were, and show sympathy by writing something like: Thinking of you at this time of sorrow. Coupled with an arrangement of orchids, which symbolize eternal love,  you’re going to send out a message of love and compassion.


  • Reminisce of the Good Old Times

If you want your condolence message to show how much you loved the deceased, you can always include a fond memory of an experience the two of you shared. If you’re still not comfortable with putting your feelings into words, you can always share the burden of grief and show sympathy by accompanying the message with a bouquet of gorgeous hyacinths, which indicate that the grieving family is in your prayers.


  • Offer Your Help

Along with writing a message such as Gone but not forgotten, you can make sure that those grieving have your support and that they can count on you. Offer your help, whether it’s with housework, or arranging the funeral, but do let them know you are there for them. Now, pair the message with a classy bouquet of hydrangeas, and you’ll show true heartfelt emotions.


Giving and showing support at difficult times can be hard, but it’s crucial. And if you’re not really good at using words, you can always use the symbolic power of flowers to show how your sympathy.

Flower Guide

7 Cool and Practical Baby Shower Gifts

March 11, 2016

Oh my God, you’re invited to yet another baby shower and you have no idea what to buy? We’ve come up with a few ideas of our own that will make for a cool yet practical baby shower gift.


  • The Gift of an Extra Eye

The first couple of months can be hard on parents. The chaos, the sleepless nights, the constant getting up, carrying the baby, walking up and down trying to get her/him to sleep. If you want to make this period a little bit easier for parents, gift them a baby video monitor that will save them a lot of running up and down the house, checking on the baby.

enhanced-buzz-6887-1375300742-16 (1)

  • The Gift of Cuteness

If you still haven’t seen this simple yet wonderful invention, prepare for a cuteness overload. This turns any sink into a bath for your baby. Not only is it safe, soft and cute, it’s practical and great for mommies on the go. A poop explosion in a restaurant will be a problem no more.


  • The Gift of Diapers

Hold on, before you discard this as not really an authentic gift, every new mommy can appreciate this gift. They go in and out of diapers quite quickly, and it’s really a practical gift that will save them money in those first few critical months. If you want it to be practical and cool, try designing a custom diaper cake.


  • The Gift of Convenience

Whether it’s their first or second baby, or even their fifth, a gift certificate for a certain amount of money is always appreciated. Choose a store where they can either purchase diapers, wipes and other basic essentials or go specific and visit a local store where they do portraits of babies and newborns.


  • The Gift of a Backup

Having a diaper bag ready at all times is great, but as a new mommy, you usually aren’t organized enough. Life with a new baby can be chaotic, without packing a diaper bag every time you plan on going somewhere.  Pick up an emergency diaper bag for the mommy-to-be, and stuff it with all the essentials a baby would need during their first outings. That way newbie moms don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack something in their diaper bag.


  • The Gift of Storage

This little accessory isn’t really essential for the baby. But it is for the parents. Store your mobile phone, valet, keys and everything you need at hand, in a purse that can be attached to the stroller. It’s affordable, yet practical and perfect for the mommy and daddy of the 21st century.

nursing cover

  • The Gift of Privacy

Moms on the go can appreciate a good nursing cover. It’s great for moms who need privacy when they are breastfeeding in public. There are all sorts of different designs and colors to choose from so it can fit in with a style of every mommy.


Whatever you end up choosing, it’s important that it comes from the heart. Gifts are great, but it’s the thought that counts.

Flower Guide

Gifts for Your Boss: 7 Awesome Ideas

March 4, 2016

Written by: Snezana Krdzic

Buying a gift for your boss is one of those tasks that you can’t but not stress over, at least the slightest bit. If you want to find the perfect gift, without coming off as a shmooze, or even making your boss feel weird and uncomfortable, read our 7 awesome ideas, that will definitely make your boss think twice why he still hasn’t given you that promotion. These gifts, tailored to a leader’s personality, are what you need to think about when buying gifts for your boss.


1)    Wine Opener

If your boss likes tasting or collecting wines, every Wednesday is a probably a Wine Wednesday. And this requires opening up a bottle. An electric wine opener is a pure example of how you can combine the practical, modern and thoughtful. Your boss will surely appreciate it and think of you every time he has guests over and needs to pop open his favorite bottle of red.


2)    Give Him Power

And we don’t mean metaphorically, but literally. Your boss probably already has all the power he needs over you, but he could probably use some power from you. What are we babbling about? If your boss is a technology enthusiast, get a backup battery for his phone. We’re pretty sure he will appreciate this gift, especially when he hears the annoying sound of an empty battery, just two hours after charging.


3)    And Then There’s Chocolate

Honestly, you can never go wrong with chocolate. If you’re falling into the temptation to get your boss the cheapest chocolate you can find at your corner supermarket, stop right now. But if you know he has a sweet tooth then you should reach for your valet or for your secret stash of chocolates and get him a decadent box full of chocolates. Pure joy for his taste buds.


4)    The Show Off Book

If your boss is the one who likes to show off his family to everyone, why not make the experience of bragging a lot easier and more modern. This compact storage device holds just enough photos to flip through for hours, and it can fit into just any purse or bag. More than perfection!


5)    Gift Him a Show

Entertain your boss with a couple of concert tickets, if he’s into shows, and you’ll sweep him off his feet forever. Or just for a few months. Whatever the case may be, a concert enthusiast will appreciate the magnitude of this present because show tickets aren’t that easy to get, and definitely aren’t a cheap gift.


6)    Bring in the Organizer

Every entrepreneur needs some organization in his life, whether he wants to admit it or not. While the entire Pinterest and Youtube community is going crazy over organizers, your boss never seems to have his things in order. Surprise him with a unique and quirky organizer that he could use for his desk at work, where he can place all his pens, pencils, and business cards.


7)    Let the Games Begin

We’re not trying to stereotype your boss, but why not bring a little bit of fun and games to his office by gifting him a portable golf game? Those movie scenes on the rooftop, playing golf games can’t have come out of nowhere, right?

Tell us, do you buy your boss gifts, and if you do, share with us what they are?

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5 Types of Wedding Bouquets for Every Bride to Be

February 26, 2016

Written by: Snezana Krdzic

Before the adventure of your lifetime begins, and by that we mean your wedding and marriage, all brides are faced with an endless decision to make about the wedding ceremony, the dress, the bridesmaid dress, the cake, the guest list, and of course, the wedding bouquet.

It is said that flowers are a part of the wedding ceremony as a symbol of fertility. Bouquets back in the day were nothing like beautiful flower arrangement today that resemble more art than just a bouquet.


Carnation Simplicity

Carnations have been used as wedding bouquets for a long time and are loved for their simplicity and light fragrance. Different colored carnations have different meanings, therefore, if you’re looking to carry a symbol of love down the altar, opt for a red carnation bouquet, while your boldness and courage will best be represented with pink carnations.

Sophistication of Roses

Rose wedding bouquets do not only look classy and decadent, but the very meaning of this flower perfectly blends into the story of a wedding. Roses represent love, and what better way to incorporate love into your ensemble than with a beautiful rose bouquet that can look stunning alone or in combination with any other flower. Any bride would be proud carrying down a lush rose bouquet down the aisle.

Passion of Tulips

If you’re passionate in every aspect of your life, as well as your relationship, you should definitely represent that on your special day, by carrying a tulip bouquet down the aisle. The amazing, vivid colors show off your equally amazing personality, and it’s definitely a unique solution for a wedding bouquet.

Magnificent Beauty of Calla Lilies

No fairy tale wedding is complete, without that one beautiful piece that will astound everyone with magnificent beauty. There’s no other flower with such deep cultural and historical roots, which not only does envelop beauty and significance but gives a special note to every bride that carries it. Each color has a different connotation, but one thing is certain. It’s nonetheless, the perfect wedding bouquet.


Joy and Purity of Gardenias

Tie the knot as peaceful and joyful you can be. Flowers are used instead of words, and showing how happy you are during that special day can only be achieved with a very fragrant and elegant gardenia bouquet.

We’re pretty confident that no matter what kind of a flower bouquet you decide to have on your wedding day, you’re going to look beautiful. However, we believe that finding the right one isn’t just a matter of looks, but also of their symbolism and meaning. Which bouquet represent you, the passionate tulips or joyful gardenias?

Flower Guide

Everything You Need in an Amazing Get-Well Package

February 19, 2016

Written by: Snezana Krdzic

There’s no better way to brighten someone’s day and wish them a quick and easy recovery than with a get well package. They’re fun to make, especially if you’re customizing it for a special person. There’s no denying that a creative package has almost a magical ‘’healing’’ power because it immediately chases the blues away.

If you’re not really the creative type and need a few ideas on how to create your own get well package, keep on reading, because we have a couple of ideas for you that will definitely put a smile on someone’s face today.


  • Homemade Soup

If you really want to let someone know you’re thinking of their well-being, why not include some food for comfort? Pack some delicious homemade soup that will awaken their taste buds and help them feel like they are home again. Nothing shows love and support like a homemade dish.


  • A Book of Jokes

When you’re feeling down, you’re in need of something that will uplift you and make you smile again. Every get-well package should include something that will make the person laugh. therefore, go out and buy a book of jokes. Laughter is priceless!


  • Basic Toiletries

In the time of sickness, you always need basic items that will make your recovery days easier. Pack a bunch of toiletries such as a moisturizing hand cream, a lip balm, or even a face mask. This will make them feel pampered and happy.


  • Favorite Movie

Staying healthy and positive is essential, but it’s equally important to stay entertained and optimistic. No package is complete without their go-to movie when they are feeling down. We all have movies that take our mind of all our problems, even if we’ve seen them a thousand times.


  • Flowers and Cards

Don’t forget to include something personal, that will let the person know you put a lot of thought and care into it. Why not write a personal note or a card, and attach a flower to it? Flowers have the power to transform an ordinary package into a colorful and vibrant one, so why not use that power to bring life to your gift.


  • Inspiration

Now you must be thinking, how do I gift inspiration to someone? That’s easy! Gift something that will remind them that life is beautiful and they have something to hope for. Make them feel eager to get healthy as soon as possible. For someone, this might be a gift card for Sephora. For others, it might be a voucher for a dance class.

Last but not the least, make sure to package it like a pro. Ribbons, bows, decorative paper, you name it. The content of the package is important, but the look as well. And whatever it is you decide to stuff your package with, remember. You want to show love and support, and if you get a few laughs here and there, you’ve done a pretty good job!


Flower Guide

7 Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

February 12, 2016

Written By Kyriaki Chatzistavridou

Valentine’s Day is only a couple of days away. The stress of finding the ideal Valentine’s gift for him is piling up. And although guys tend to have more simple needs, finding the perfect Valentine’s gift can be rather challenging. This is why the following countdown is bound to solve your problems.


No. 7: The Personalised Man Crate

Since 2012, an e-commerce business, Man Crates, decided to make a stand as far as guys’ gifts are concerned. Who says that the only options are limited? The range of over 50 man crates says otherwise. These wooden crates contain a variety of goodies for your partner, solely based on his interests. For example, is he a video game enthusiast? Then, you can’t go wrong with the Retro gamer Man Crate. Each crate comes with a crowbar for opening – because it’s way more exciting opening a crate full of great stuff than opening a plain gift card.

No. 6: Man-gerie

Underwear as a Valentine’s gift is classically given to women. But have you ever thought about giving it as a present to your special guy? It may seem corny, but underwear is a choice you need to consider seriously. The selection is wide and the final choice can really spice things up between you and him. So, whether it’s single-coloured silky boxers or tight macho briefs, you are the winner.

No.5: Hidden Spoon Message

This option might sound a little bit more romantic. And it can be. But, it is up to you to stir things up. You are the one who decides what your boyfriend will read, once the chocolate cover melts away.


No.4: Remember Me Every Time You Wear It

Classic, but awesome. How cool would it be to know that every time he sees that T-shirt, he’ll remember you and smile? Then, don’t waste any more time!!! Print your inside joke or even a photo of you to and let memories do the rest.


No.3: To Cuff Or Not To Cuff

Cufflinks. This is the type of present which clearly insinuates that you admire his career. Just make sure they have your initials. So, if your guy is a busy workaholic, this gift will undoubtedly win the impressions and remind him of you throughout the day.

No.2: Every Surface Is A Fair Game

Every couple has a song. But, here’s a twist. Songs are not just meant to be heard. So, turn your couch cushion into your canvas and print the lyrics of your song onto it. This way, each time you both lie down on the couch, you can read them and smile!

No.1: Make A (Gadget) Stand

Let’s face it – most men are messy. Their phones, watches, wallets or car keys are bound to wander around the house. So, why don’t you offer him a tool that will eliminate this issue once and for all? A gadget stand! Leaving both of you happy that those stray objects finally has a home.