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Flower Guide

5 Tips To DIY A Flower Centrepiece

February 13, 2017

If you’re determined to give flower centrepieces a hand and want to craft them like a pro, you’ll need a couple of pointers from those who have got centrepiece crafting down to a T. Follow our tips to learn how to DIY a Flower centrepiece like a pro!

Here is our little confession: we love arranging and experimenting with flowers, but it also excites us when we can help someone else make their own flower masterpiece. Which is exactly why A Better Florist team decided to share their five essential tips for making your own, fabulous centrepieces.


Go Monochromatic

If you’re arranging flowers for the first time in your life, go for tones and shades of the same hue, so that you centrepiece has a classy, put-together look. To break up the monotony, use plenty of greenery.

Use a Foam

If you are able to purchase a florist’s foam, do it for several reasons. First of all, it will keep your flowers in place, instead of them floating around the vase or container aimlessly. Secondly, it will keep your flowers hydrated for a longer period of time.

As you’ll have to cut the foam to fit your container, first soak it in water for 15 minutes, and then proceed with cutting it. Remember to water the foam every couple of days, so the flowers soak in the fresh water.

Proper Placement

Here’s how to approach the arrangement of flowers. Evenly place large flower first around the centrepiece. Feel free to turn the arrangement as you go so it’s equal on all sides. Fill in the arrangement with smaller blooms, but make sure to leave room for each stem, so each flower can soak in the right amount of water and have room to thrive. Add ferns, berries and branches if you plan to do so, to give your centrepiece a little bit more vibrancy.

Pay Attention to Height

You want your flowers to stand tall from the container, and not just peek out of it. Make sure to cut the stems, without overdoing it, so that your flowers stand above the container about one and a half times the height of the container. Depending on your personal preference, you can match the width with the height to achieve perfect balance.

Experiment with Sizes

Feel free to cut stems in different heights, as you’ll add more dimension to your flower centrepiece.


Hopefully, you’re feeling a little bit more enthusiastic about arranging. Get your creative juices flowing and feel free to share your success with us!

Flower Guide

The Last Minute Boyfriend’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2017
valentines day

All guys need a little help when it comes to Valentine’s Day, and there’s no shame in that. Unless you’ve got the ’romantic thumb’, then you’ve got it all covered. This guy is for all you gentlemen who need a little push in the right direction, so that your Valentine’s Day stays remembered as one of the most beautiful days in 2017.

Outdoor Romance


Dine Under the Stars


Photograph from:

Sentosa Cove has something very special planned for Valentine’s Day. Eight lucky couples get to dine and relax under their very own romantic tent on the hotel lawn. The hotel chefs are going to prepare a special, exotic and romantic dinner just for the two of you.

Gardens by the Bay


Photograph from:

Known as the icon of Singapore, Gardens by the Bay are a great place for all couples who love to enjoy the outdoors. The beauty of impressive flora and fauna, and many photo-op opportunities make a great setting for Valentine’s Day.

Romantic Getaway


Amara Sanctuary


Unwind in a true sanctuary, where Valentine’s Day is a special occasion where couples are treated like Gods. You can indulge in a super-relaxing aromatherapy massage, enjoy in gourmet cuisine, and experience the tranquillity of this wonderful place.

Address: 1 Larkhill Road, Sentosa Island, Singapore 099394

Capella Singapore


Photograph from:

This luxury retreat is the perfect getaway for Valentine’s Day, as you’ll get taken care of and pampered just like celebrities. Their website description speaks for itself: The vibrant cosmopolitan of Singapore, and the tranquillity of Sentosa.

Address: 1 The Knolls | Sentosa Island, Singapore 098297

Blooms for the Beauty


No Valentine’s Day is complete without the perfect flower bouquet to gift to your other half. A Better Florist has a wide range of flowers and arrangements, and can make all your Valentine’s Day desires come true.

Wine and Dine


Il Cielo


Photograph from:

Love is in the air, especially at il Cielo. This Italian, vegan rooftop restaurant is the place to be with your significant other on Valentine’s Day. Not only do they have an impressive menu, but the views are inexplicably beautiful.

Address: 581 Orchard Road Singapore 238883

The Carvery


Photograph from:

If you’re looking for a different Valentine ’s Day dining experience, make a reservation at The Carvery. It’s all about the meat here, in addition, the couples get a fee serving of the one-of-a-kind Valrhona chocolate soup with cocoa sorbet and Grand Marnier. Bon Appetite!

Romantic DIY


Popcorn Night


Photograph from:

Don’t worry if you’re short on cash, girls love DIY projects, because they really show you’ve put in from the effort. This cute invitation for popcorn and cosy night in is going to blow her away. You can find the complete instructions here.

Personalized Mug


Photograph from:

If she’s obsessed with cute mugs, as so many of us are, she’s going to love a love mug that’s specially made by you. All you’re going to need are markers, a white mug and some creativity. Find the complete DIY right here.


Activities for Lovebirds


Free Show at Esplanade Theatre


Photograph from:

If your girl is the one who can’t turn down a good show and loves the arts, then you should take her to Esplanade Theatre. And the good thing is, even if you’re tight on a budget this V-day, there are free daily shows that you can watch with your special someone.

Do a Shoot


Photograph from:

We all know how much girls love taking selfies (no hate ladies), so why not plan out a photo-shoot for that special day. It doesn’t even have to be done by a professional, grab your camera and walk around, taking pics at your favourite spots.


Good luck gentlemen!

Flower Guide

5 Ways to Take Care Of A Tulip Bouquet

February 8, 2017
Tulip Bouquet

We’re all about tulips here at A Better Florist. But, wouldn’t it be lovely, once you take your favourite tulip bouquet from our shop, to have the tulips perky and vibrant in your vase for seven days, and avoid the droopiness after three days? It is possible, with the right care. We’re here to explain to you how to preserve the beauty of these delicate flowers. Keeping tulips fresh isn’t a complex task. Given that you have yourself a fresh batch of freshly-cut tulips, you’re off to a great start.


Less Water, More Life

Instead of filling your vase with fresh water all the way to the top, in the case of tulips, less is more. Put less water in your vase then you would with other bouquets, as tulips soak in the moisture and continuously grow. You don’t want this because they’ll end up growing and drooping, or breaking in half.

Also, Add a bit of bleach in the water to keep it clean and clear, and this way your tulips will last at least for a week.

Make the Right Vase Choice

Respect the long, sophisticated line of the tulip and find an appropriate vase for the arrangement. Make sure to give your tulips something to lean on, instead of placing them in short vases that are going to encourage them to droop over the edges of the vase.

No Re-cutting the Stems

Once the stems have been cut, don’t re-cut them again, or add water to the vase. That’s the crucial step to prevent droopiness of your tulip bouquet. Cut them once, in a diagonal direction, place them in a vase and watch them thrive.

Special Placement of a Tulip Bouquet

It’s also important to keep tulips in an environment that encourages them to stay fresh. Make sure to keep them out of direct sun, and away from any vents or drafts, to maintain their freshness for as long as possible.

Give Them Space

Even if you’re not exactly a green thumb and don’t have any arranging skills, make sure to place each tulip in the vase, leaving space for each stem. Don’t throw them all together, over each other, or the petals will fall out quicker and your entire tulip bouquet life span will shorten significantly.


If you have a tulip obsession, just like us, now you don’t have any excuses not to grab yourself a fresh tulip bouquet more often.


A Better Florist provides same day delivery for fresh, hand-crafted flowers. Designed by our professional florist, each bouquet is stunning and long-lasting. We make it easy to send love to the people you love. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more promo codes and discounts off blooms!

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5 Simple Ways to Turn Your Apartment Into The Ultimate Tropical Home

February 6, 2017
Tropical Home

The beach, the palm trees, the falling coconuts and the sizzling sun – those are just some things we love about the tropics. No wonder so many people want a little piece of tropics for themselves in their own home. It’s a stress-free environment that causes us to feel relaxed, centred and positive.

Today, we’re showing you how to transform your apartment from a boring four-wall shelter, to a tropical oasis, without making your home look like too tacky.


Bring in the Outdoors

It’s unnecessary to say that you can’t have a tropical-inspired home without natural elements as your decor. Tropical plants and palm trees, such as the lady palm, parlor palm or bamboo palm will add that exotic touch to every room in your home. You can also incorporate bamboo plants and orchids throughout your home, and add a few coconuts as accessories and decor.

Colour It Bold

Use soothing hues such as green, and natural earthy tones to create serenity in your home. Paint your walls a brighter colour to make your space seem bigger and more open than it is, simply because we all know the tropics are about the grand spaces and feeling unconstrained.

But don’t be afraid to add a pop of tropical colour and be bold with your furniture. Go for light blue or royal blue, coral, green and sunset yellow.

Choose Natural Materials

Always go for natural materials when it comes to your furniture and you’ll create nooks that look like they came straight from a tropical island. Go for wood, wicker, bamboo and try to incorporate it into every single room of your home. Connect through every single aspect with nature, and you’ll notice a shift in the overall atmosphere of your home. Since you’re creating a tropical heaven, you don’t want any distractions, just those things that bring you serenity and peace of mind.

Add Water Elements for Your Tropical Home

Unwind to the sounds of trickling water, reminiscing of the waves crashing against the rocks on the shore. There’s hardly anything more peaceful and serenity-invoking. Add a fountain to your home, or a small pond in your garden. The sound of water is a necessary element that will add an additional touch to your home visually, but more so bring the atmosphere of the tropics to your home.

Let the Light In

Forget about the colours predicted to be trending this year, and focus on light colours, and open spaces. Make sure to let the light into the room throughout the day, and don’t block your windows or doors with dark-coloured curtains.


Above all, be creative. Hit up Pinterest, Instagram and Google some tropical settings for inspiration.


A Better Florist provides same day delivery for fresh, hand-crafted flowers. Designed by our professional florist, each bouquet is stunning and long-lasting. We make it easy to send love to the people you love. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more promo codes and discounts off blooms!

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Funeral Flowers: Everything You Need to Know

February 5, 2017
Funeral Flowers

Choosing the right flowers in a time of distress isn’t the first thing on your mind, in fact, you might not even care about it. But since each bloom carries its own meaning and symbolizes numerous different things, it’s important to send the right sentiment, as flowers represent admiration, respect and love. Unfortunately, even in these tough times there’s a certain etiquette to follow.

Here’s our inside information on how to choose and prepare the right type of bloom. It’s better to be equipped with this knowledge beforehand, so when these moments do actually come, you’ll know exactly what to do.


Types of Flowers

With the message you’re trying to convey and the large variety of flower options to choose from these days, it’s a tough choices knowing and deciding which ones to choose. It’s important to note that some flowers are less funeral appropriate, so in order to avoid that here’s a list of most commonly used flowers for funeral bouquets, arrangements and wreaths.

  • Carnations
  • Lilies
  • Gladioli
  • Roses
  • Peace Lily Plant
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Daffodils
  • Tulips
  • Orchid Plant
  • Hydrangea Plan

It all depends basically on the message you want to convey. Some people prefer to convey respect and admiration, while other’s opt to commemorate the spirit and the likings of the deceased, which is also a good option.

Common Arrangements

You also need to be acquainted with the types of arrangements that are appropriate for funerals. When you walk into your local flower shop, like A Better Florist, you’re going to get certain recommendations for which types of arrangements are the most common ones. Here’s a list that’s good to have, if you want to know in advance what you’re going to request from your florist.

  • Casket Sprays
  • Standing Sprays
  • Floral Baskets
  • Wreaths
  • Inside Pieces
  • Table Arrangements


Once again, this is a personal choice and it depends on the ceremony, as well as the wishes of the family of the deceased.

Sympathy Card Messages

Messages that are usually attached to arrangements and wreaths should be short, concise and represent a certain sentiment. If you’re not exactly sure what to write, you can request help from your florist, or use one of the following:

  • “May you rest in peace.”
  • ’’With love to you and your family.’’
  • ’’With my deepest sympathy.’’
  • ’’Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.’’
  • “With love and fond memories.”
  • “Always in our thoughts.”
  • ’’We hope these flowers express what our words never will.’’
  • “In loving memory of a dear friend.”
  • ’’You will be sorely missed.’’
  • “Good night and god bless.”


These messages are your last opportunity to say goodbye. As much as picking the right flowers is important, your final words to your loved ones are equally, if not, even more important. Choose wisely.


There are various religious aspects to consider, for example, Jewish funerals don’t really welcome flowers, but donations to charity are welcomed. It’s best to check with the family of the deceased and enquire about their traditions and practices.



A Better Florist provides same day delivery for fresh, hand-crafted flowers. Designed by our professional florist, each bouquet is stunning and long-lasting. We make it easy to send love to the people you love. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more promo codes and discounts off blooms!

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Silk vs. Real Flowers, Which Should You Buy?

January 23, 2017


In this era, where salt can look like sugar and vice versa, it’s hard to determine the actual difference between fake and real. We’ve developed a careful eye for beauty, but at the same time, items that surround us have developed their appearance to the point where we have to question ourselves: Why buy real flowers, when you can have fake ones? Silk flowers are botanically correct, they are inspiringly lifelike, plus they last longer. Left with this dilemma, how do you make the right choice? Here we will explain the differences and benefits of Silk vs. Real Flowers.



Friendly Price

Silk flowers are, In the long run, a better financial option, as they can end up being a lot less cheap, especially if you’re planning to us it as reoccurring décor in your home.

Forever and More

They do last quite some time. In fact, if you take good care of them, meaning no throwing around and mishandling, they can last forever.


If you love flowers in every shape and form, but can’t stand being near them due to allergies, silk flowers are a good choice for you. Unless you’re allergic to silk, which is where you’ll have to settle for looking from afar.

Perfect for Projects

If you like to get creative every once in a while, especially working on projects with flower, silk flowers are easier to manage. You can twist, curl, bend them how much you want, and they can still be reused for other projects.

Bearer of Memories

If you gift someone silk flowers for a special occasion, you’ll make sure that the memory of that day lasts forever. Therefore, silk flowers are a better option for longer lasting memories.

All Weather Survivors

Silk flowers as opposed to real flowers, aren’t conditioned by weather. They can be transported, carried around, basically from one climate to the other, and still remain in the same condition.

Easy Maintenance

If you’re the type that doesn’t like to take care of flowers, or simply forgets to do so, silk flowers are great, because you don’t have to give them the time of day if you don’t want to. Clean them to get rid of any dust or dirt, and renew the store-bought freshness.


Unbeaten Freshness

Nothing beats the freshness of real flowers. There’s just something ‘WOW’ about a fresh bouquet of your favourite flowers. It’s probably that indescribable feeling, but it’s there.

Smell Engaging

Then there’s the smell. As charming the looks are, the scent is even more alluring. And you can’t recreate the scent of nature, no matter what.

Flower Power

Some even say that flowers have special powers, and can be healing. Of course, that is depending what kind of flowers you go for. With that being said, we would be wrong to say flowers can’t be soothing.


Each and every flower on this planet is unique. Given that they don’t come out of nature’s moulds, like silk flowers do in factories, every flower will be authentic. And that’s something you can’t buy.

Favourable Short-Term Pricing

If you’re buying flowers for a single occasion it’s probably more affordable to invest in a freshly-cut flower bouquet. You’re not going to be storing or reusing them, so there’s no point in making bigger investments.

Showing Sentiment

If you really want to show someone you care about that, let them know you wish them best, express admiration or love, fresh flowers have the ability to transfer that sentiment just by its own appearance.


And there you have it, all the beautiful benefits of both kinds of flowers. And since we don’t want to be the jury or the judge in this case, it’s all up to your personal choice. Which one suits your style?



A Better Florist provides same day delivery for fresh, hand-crafted flowers. Designed by our professional florist, each bouquet is stunning and long-lasting. We make it easy to send love to the people you love. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more promo codes and discounts off blooms!

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5 Steps to Make Your Flower Bouquet Last Longer

January 22, 2017

There are those special flower bouquets we’d all like to keep forever, as fresh as they were that exact same moment you received them from a special someone, or on a special occasion. We know that feeling. But, because there’s no magical formula to keep your wedding or birthday flower bouquet alive forever (not yet), all we can do is help you preserve their beautiful freshness for as long as you can.

These five tricks are going to enable your bouquet to stay as fresh as possible for the longest time. Here’s what you need to do!


Use a Clean Vase

This might sound totally redundant, and we’re not implying you keep dirty vases hanging around your house. However, as we all know very well, bacteria and fungi can build up, no matter how enthusiastic you get about cleaning. Make sure that you clean out your vase with dish soap and water before you put your bouquet inside. Thoroughly rinse it out, so that all bacteria that could make your handcrafted flower bouquet wither away, are gone! So simple, yet very helpful.

Cut It

For this next step, you’re going to need a pair of scissors. Hold the stems of your flowers under water, and cut it at 45-degree angle. This will literally enable flowers to soak in more water and make them be as fresh as possible. Don’t make the mistake of putting the entire bouquet in the vase, along with the wrapping. No matter how beautiful the flower bouquet wrapping may be.

Feed Your Flowers

If you received the flower bouquet as a gift, you probably won’t receive the little packet of flower food along with it (because how special is that?!) Luckily, your florist surely has some. Flowers like to eat too, but in a less cheeseburger-kind-of-way that humans. Flower food packets are packed with bleach, so it kills the bacteria in the water, nutrients that keep the flowers fresh and perky, as well as an acidifier that keeps the pH levels in balance, and enable the stems to soak up all the water they need.

Use Filtered Water

Now, this next trick doesn’t mean you can’t use tap water. Tap water is just fine, and feel keep your flowers fresh and perky, as we’ve already said. But filtered water, being filtered from a lot of nasties, can be better for certain types of flowers that require extra attention in order to stay alive longer. So, if that bouquet really means a lot to you… #filter.

Don’t Overflow the Vase

It’s actually better for your flowers if you don’t fill the vase up to the very edge. This is because flowers ’drink’ water through the bottom of the stems only. And if you still have some foliage left on the sides, as most flower bouquets do, the flowers will rot in the water, pollute it and ruin all your hard work to keep your bouquet alive.


Now that you know what our 5 favourite tricks are, try it out. Let us know if it worked!





Flower Guide

How to Dry Your Flowers Bouquet: 3 Awesome Ways to Preserve Your Flowers

January 16, 2017

No matter how hard we try to preserve our most precious moments and items in our memory, time finds a way to make those memories fade away. If you don’t write down or find a way to preserve the most cherished gifts, such as flower bouquets, you’ll quickly find yourself with a faded memory. Learn how to preserve your flowers now!

Luckily, there are ways you can preserve your flowers which are, we all have to agree, one of the fondest keepsakes we love to treasure for as long as possible. Whether it’s the first bouquet from your first date, wedding or graduation, one single look at the well-preserved bouquet can take you on a vivid trip down memory lane.

A Better Florist is all about fresh flowers, but we love recommending our clients ways to preserve the arrangements and bouquets we create. Keep on reading for our 3 favourite ones.



  1. Old School: Press and Frame



Photograph from:  1

One of the most common and well-known ways to dry and preserve flowers is by pressing your flowers between two heavy objects. Afterwards, we suggest framing the flowers in a frame of your choice, so the lovely blooms can stay on display at all times. If you are not the craftiest person on the planet, which many of us aren’t, there are plenty of online services that can press your flower bouquet and frame it for you.

  1. Step Up: Silica Gel


Photograph from:  2

The second method might look a little bit more complicated, but it’s actually a very effective way of preserving the fresh look of your bouquet. It’s a lengthy process, taking up to two months, but it’s worthwhile. If you take a trip to the nearest arts and craft store, you will find silica gel. This sand-like substance is used to coat your flowers with. Put your flowers in a bucket or a large container coat it with silica gel, and leave it for two months. Afterwards, dust it off and voila! Preserved and pretty!

  1. The Way of the Future: Freeze Drying


Photograph from:  3


Lastly, one of our favourite methods is freeze drying the flowers because it keeps the flowers in the exact dame state you want them to be in. Hiring a professional to do this is always a good option, if you’re not willing to experiment with the look of your bouquet. The process itself requires flowers to be sprayed with starch, to keep it looking fresh and vivid. After this they are placed in a freeze dryer, which works on basically sucking the moisture out of your bouquet, drying it out completely. It is a slow process, and it will cost you a bit more than other methods, but it is the only way to make them look fantastic as on the day you got them.


While there are other popular methods of drying and preserving your flowers, these are the best ways to actually make sure your flowers stay in your memory and in your sight for the longest time

Flower Guide

10 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Florist

January 13, 2017

Decor is one of the wedding aspects that takes a lot of your time and money when you’re planning a wedding. And no wonder! Decor has a great influence on the entire atmosphere, and if planned out right can make your wedding truly memorable.Flowers play a huge role in decor. They bring life, joy, nature and beauty to just about any space. As flower arrangements, from the smallest ones to the biggest ones make all the difference, it’s important to choose the best florist who will see your vision and bring it to life. To find your Prince Charming of florists, here’s what you need to look for.


Look at the Portfolio

Before you choose your florist, look at his portfolio. Ask to see previous examples of his work, related to weddings. It’s the best way to see what the individual is actually capable of achieving, instead of just relying on the website testimonials and words of praise.



But, keep an open mind. Ask around for references, and see who people were impressed by when they had their wedding. After all, customers are always right, which means, they will know what’s good.

Find Someone Creative

If you’re planning on having a dream wedding, then look for the creative, less corporate florist. Take the time to get creative with your first consultation and see how imaginative and open-minded the florist is.



If you can’t communicate with your florist and get your ideas across, keep on looking. You need to be able to talk openly with your florist, so that your vision actually comes true.



Besides being able to talk openly to your florist, you also need to be able to find someone who will help you find your own style. You might not know yet what you want or even like, which is why you need to look for an experienced florist who can find that vision for you.



You are going to have a lot of your ideas, but the florist might have some as well. You don’t want a florist who can’t compromise and insists on only doing his ideas because he’s the expert. You also don’t want to push your ideas only. Finding the perfect florist means being able to compromise and find a balance between what you love and what the florist has envisioned for you.



Think about the location of your florist. Where does he get his flowers from? How far is he from the wedding venue? You want to find someone who’s close to you, so the flower delivery goes smooth and you don’t communicate with your florist simply via text or video calls.


Plan within Your Budget

Set a budget and be honest about it with your florist. If a florist can’t fit in your desires and his creativity within the budget, then he probably isn’t the right one for you. Find someone who is going to find a way to make your dreams come true, in a budget-friendly way.



Be careful. There are some florists who will be really busy with too many events and clients to cater to, so they might not have enough time to dedicate to you. Find someone who will take all the time necessary to discuss the wedding with you and plan every single detail to perfection. There’s no success without dedication.



Lastly, it’s important that you find a professional who isn’t afraid to listen to you and work with you. Mutual collaboration can work wonders, and produce something that’s unique only to you. And a good florist will know that.


How did you pick your florist? Do you have any other tips for our readers? Please share!

Flower Guide

My Startup Secret Weapon: My Parents

January 6, 2017
My Startup Secret Weapon: My Parents

Starting a business is hard. No one will deny that, but I have a secret weapon: My parents.

My Startup Secret Weapon: My Parents

My Parents

My parents are wonderfully kind, incredibly supportive people. They don’t care about growth. They don’t care about cash flow. My parents just want to see me smile.

I have had a fairly unconventional career. I moved away from home at 17. I quit my first job after 2 months. I left consulting to take a chance on some startup. Spent a few months living in Colombia in a city made famous by Pablo Escobar. Finally, I spent 3 years at Google and left to start a flower business. With each decision I followed my gut and did what I thought was right, and with each decision they remained patient, thoughtful and supportive.

From New York to Singapore

I grew up in New York. I am an only child. My first job moved me to Chicago. It wasn’t so far. They would always call. I would always call. Every few months we would visit each other.

I remember the first time they visited. Even without saying anything, I could sense how much they missed me. How they missed having me home. Instead of convincing me to head back to New York, we just hugged and talked. They were content just knowing that I was happy.

Then I moved to San Francisco. It wasn’t too much further. It was a similar story when they visited me. I remember laughing at lunch, sightseeing in Napa, and having fun with each new experience. Of course they wanted me home, but all they said was ‘I love you, Steven’.

Then I moved to Singapore. I don’t think my parents knew where Singapore was. My parents’ only son now lives on the other side of the world, in a country that they have never dreamed of visiting.

I know it’s hard on them. It’s honestly hard on me too.

Startup Dreams vs Family

So now I live far away doing something that I love to do. They can see my passion. They know my dreams. I want to disrupt the flower industry, but they just want me to marry a nice, Jewish girl. Oh, well.

Every single step I take, I take because they have paved the way. Every single time I feel down, I muster enough strength to get back up because of what they have taught me. Every single time I need someone to lean on, they are there.

There is really only one thing left to say: Thank you. I love you Mom and Dad. You are truly amazing and wonderful parents.

If you are reading this, please just go home and tell your mom and dad you love them.

My Startup Secret Weapon: My Parents

A Better Florist provides same day delivery for fresh, hand-crafted flowers. Designed by our professional florist, each bouquet is stunning and long-lasting. We make it easy to send love to the people you love. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more promo codes and discounts off blooms!