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How to Dry Your Flowers Bouquet: 3 Awesome Ways to Preserve Your Flowers

January 16, 2017

No matter how hard we try to preserve our most precious moments and items in our memory, time finds a way to make those memories fade away. If you don’t write down or find a way to preserve the most cherished gifts, such as flower bouquets, you’ll quickly find yourself with a faded memory. Learn how to preserve your flowers now!

Luckily, there are ways you can preserve your flowers which are, we all have to agree, one of the fondest keepsakes we love to treasure for as long as possible. Whether it’s the first bouquet from your first date, wedding or graduation, one single look at the well-preserved bouquet can take you on a vivid trip down memory lane.

A Better Florist is all about fresh flowers, but we love recommending our clients ways to preserve the arrangements and bouquets we create. Keep on reading for our 3 favourite ones.



  1. Old School: Press and Frame



Photograph from:  1 http://www.designsponge.com/

One of the most common and well-known ways to dry and preserve flowers is by pressing your flowers between two heavy objects. Afterwards, we suggest framing the flowers in a frame of your choice, so the lovely blooms can stay on display at all times. If you are not the craftiest person on the planet, which many of us aren’t, there are plenty of online services that can press your flower bouquet and frame it for you.

  1. Step Up: Silica Gel


Photograph from:  2 https://www.silicagelly.com

The second method might look a little bit more complicated, but it’s actually a very effective way of preserving the fresh look of your bouquet. It’s a lengthy process, taking up to two months, but it’s worthwhile. If you take a trip to the nearest arts and craft store, you will find silica gel. This sand-like substance is used to coat your flowers with. Put your flowers in a bucket or a large container coat it with silica gel, and leave it for two months. Afterwards, dust it off and voila! Preserved and pretty!

  1. The Way of the Future: Freeze Drying


Photograph from:  3 http://www.theweddingspecialists.net/


Lastly, one of our favourite methods is freeze drying the flowers because it keeps the flowers in the exact dame state you want them to be in. Hiring a professional to do this is always a good option, if you’re not willing to experiment with the look of your bouquet. The process itself requires flowers to be sprayed with starch, to keep it looking fresh and vivid. After this they are placed in a freeze dryer, which works on basically sucking the moisture out of your bouquet, drying it out completely. It is a slow process, and it will cost you a bit more than other methods, but it is the only way to make them look fantastic as on the day you got them.


While there are other popular methods of drying and preserving your flowers, these are the best ways to actually make sure your flowers stay in your memory and in your sight for the longest time

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