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Cut Flowers That Last the Longest

February 9, 2018

Flower obsession is nothing to worry about. If you’re caught in a vicious (well, not so vicious, more fun) circle of buying fresh, cut flowers for your home, over and over again, we can’t blame you. They add life and positive vibes to every room, they even inspire and motivate us. Hence, our urge to always have a fresh pair of blooms on our desk is totally justified, if you ask us. The only thing that rains on your parade can be that they give up on life after pretty much only two days.

If you want to avoid having to shop for flowers every other day, learn which cut flowers tend to last the longest in your home.



Did you know that these babies can last up two three weeks when cut? Talk about endurance!

Traditional Lilies

They might not have a long lifespan as Chrysanthemums, they are still a good choice because they can last up to two weeks.

Garden Roses

The iconic rose can last up to two weeks with proper care.


Orchids are the soldier disguised in an elegant and delicate uniform, but they are known to last for quite some time. Up to three weeks!


Bring some sunlight into your room with these attention-grabbers, and keep it there for one to two weeks!


This baby can also last for a 7 days, which doesn’t make it the champion of durability, but it still beats two days.


When was the last time these enchanting blooms took the stage in your home? Probably not in a long time, but hey, give them some credit. When taken care of properly they tend to last for one or even two weeks.


Carnations are the IT flower, the outcast, the outsider that always gets mistaken for solely funeral flowers. However, carnations can last two to even three weeks if taken care of properly, and their beautiful pastel shades are perfect for home decor.


And finally, we have to give it up for Dahlias, which can last up to a week in your beautiful home.


Bear in mind, that it’s all about finding a florist you trust, so that the flowers are truly fresh and cut on the same day or the day before. If you get flowers that are three days old, obviously they won’t last as long as you want them too. Activate your inner florist and nurturing instincts and take care of your flowers so that they remain perky and bright for as long as possible. It’s a double effort.

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