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A Guide to Writing Condolence Messages with Flowers

March 18, 2016


It’s always difficult to write or even speak to someone in a time of sorrow because losing someone is never easy. You’re never quite sure what to say, and what is the right thing to say. When a loved on passes away, there’s a lot you can do. For example, be there for the family, offer your help and give them your care. One way of showing sympathy and support are condolence messages, which are usually coupled with flowers that additionally help express your compassion and sorrow for their loss.

To cut to the chase here’s how to write condolence messages the right way, and which flowers should accompany it.


  • Make It Short and Considerate

Condolence messages should, in essence, be short and concise, but still have a thoughtful tone. They should express support, show that you feel for them, and think of them in such hard times. Write something along these lines: Always in our hearts. Accompany this short and sympathetic message with a bouquet of lilies, which usually symbolize the return of the deceased has found peace.


  • Be Respectful

In delicate times of sorrow, we have to be very careful not to insult or hurt anyone, and make sure to show utmost respect in every aspect. Therefore, respect the deceased and his family, no matter what their religious beliefs and life decisions were, and show sympathy by writing something like: Thinking of you at this time of sorrow. Coupled with an arrangement of orchids, which symbolize eternal love,  you’re going to send out a message of love and compassion.


  • Reminisce of the Good Old Times

If you want your condolence message to show how much you loved the deceased, you can always include a fond memory of an experience the two of you shared. If you’re still not comfortable with putting your feelings into words, you can always share the burden of grief and show sympathy by accompanying the message with a bouquet of gorgeous hyacinths, which indicate that the grieving family is in your prayers.


  • Offer Your Help

Along with writing a message such as Gone but not forgotten, you can make sure that those grieving have your support and that they can count on you. Offer your help, whether it’s with housework, or arranging the funeral, but do let them know you are there for them. Now, pair the message with a classy bouquet of hydrangeas, and you’ll show true heartfelt emotions.


Giving and showing support at difficult times can be hard, but it’s crucial. And if you’re not really good at using words, you can always use the symbolic power of flowers to show how your sympathy.

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