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A Better Florist Introduces the First of Its Kind Messenger Bot in Asia

June 8, 2016


After a gruelling half year of working on the prototype of our in-house messenger bot, we are proud to unveil our latest innovation called “Betabot” which combines both the efficacy of the modern chat messenger and a live agent. We are expected to be the first online florist in Asia to use the messenger bot to facilitate the ordering experience, and its offerings span from the likes of sending normal or customized orders to the times of welcoming feedback. The in-house technology development is in the testing phase ‚and have gone through many rounds of User Acceptance Tests (“UATs”) internally. A perfect marriage of a call centre agent and a Whatsapp chat message, that is exactly what Betabot is bringing to the table.


Constantly improving our technology

Although much is to be done in terms of improving the automation of responses and coordinating of the alternative live agent to respond to customer inquiries, we are proud to set the standards for the online florist scene in Asia.


Changing perceptions of artificial intelligence

While many perceive that the lack of human intelligence may be a cause of concern, our founder, and CEO, Steve Feiner, remains undefeated and exudes positive vibes during his chat with the editorial team. While artificial intelligence has its limitations, it’s something that scientists and researchers are constantly improving on. A Better Florist strives to use this to our advantage and work on improving existing systems and technology.


Gibson Tang, the Chief Technical Officer of A Better Florist team said , “ One staff had suggested on a credit card payment initiative. Sounds like a great idea initially, but ultimately not a feasible or practical solution as there are security issues and data protection rights of our customers that we have to consider. We had to halt the plans and expand on other more feasible features to include in Betabot.”


Words from our CEO

Steve said, “We love our customers and making them satisfied and happy is our utmost priority. Having Betabot on our website will be the mark of something extraordinary. We are not talking merely about improved communication, but rather we are changing the industry’s ballgame altogether. We seek to change the way consumers approach online flower delivery businesses and seek to provide even better customer service than what the brick and mortar shops can offer.”


While we are expecting many teething problems and hiccups upon the launch of the Betabot, we are certainly excited at the prospect of potentially positive benefits that this bot will bring upon its launch. Betabot is slated to be ready for its debut towards the end of 2016 but the exact date of launch is yet to be finalised as of publishing time. While the launching of Betabot is no longer a surprise now, all eyes will be fixed on us as the pioneer in the flower delivery industry in Asia to embark on this amazing technology.




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