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7 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

February 5, 2016


Written by: Snezana Krdzic

Attention, boyfriends and husbands! We all know that you mean well and that you give your best to be as loving and kind to that one special woman in your life that has you head over heels for her. Yet, we can’t deny that the track record for buying presents for your girlfriend or wife hasn’t always been the best, and the stress of buying a gift rises significantly when Valentine’s Day is approaching. Because we empathize with you, we’ve come up with seven special ideas for a Valentine’s day gift that will blow her mind.

  • Cliché Is Not Always A Bad Thing


If you’re not really up for a ‘’corny’’ romantic gift, why not go for the cliché and gift your sweetheart ’naughty’ vouchers. Or any kind of vouchers you think she would love. Bring a little bit of playfulness into your relationship on this special day.

2) Simple Heart for Your Sweetheart


Due to the simplicity and thought behind it, the ladies are going to love this present. Surprise her with a cute, heart-shaped umbrella that will remind you both of your love story each time you’re all lovey dovey under the umbrella during rain.

3) Jewelry, but Personalized


Jewelry gifts are classic, but let us give you a little bit of advice. Apart from choosing the right kind of jewelry, make sure that it’s personalized. Jewelry be engraved or customized with charms that can take a simple jewelry gift to the next level.

4) The ‘’Favorites’’ Basket


Why not get her a basket of her favorite goodies? What do you fill it up with? Think like this: What’s her favorite mascara? Which chocolate does she love? Does she need a new body lotion? Does she need cute, new gym clothes?

5) Charming Coffee Wrappers


It mind not sound romantic, but coffee wrappers for couples will be appreciated by every true coffee enthusiast. And if your lady is one of them, don’t hesitate to buy her love-themed wrappers that remind her of your love throughout the entire year.

6) Tell Your Love Story


Shower your lady with love and affection by rolling up your sleeves and creating a love journal filled with all your pictures and stories of the most memorable moments of your relationship. Trust us, a DIY journal made by a guy isn’t something the ladies see every day, so you’ll definitely score a few brownie points there.

7) Jar of Love


It might be simple and expensive, but the idea behind it usually sweeps the ladies away. Buy her a cute, heart-themed jar with ten notes saying what you love about her.


Since the day is approaching, it’s ample time to get started with research and shopping. Use one of our ideas, and in no time you’ll be the one that put the charm in Prince Charming.

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