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7 Cool and Practical Baby Shower Gifts

March 11, 2016

Oh my God, you’re invited to yet another baby shower and you have no idea what to buy? We’ve come up with a few ideas of our own that will make for a cool yet practical baby shower gift.


  • The Gift of an Extra Eye

The first couple of months can be hard on parents. The chaos, the sleepless nights, the constant getting up, carrying the baby, walking up and down trying to get her/him to sleep. If you want to make this period a little bit easier for parents, gift them a baby video monitor that will save them a lot of running up and down the house, checking on the baby.

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  • The Gift of Cuteness

If you still haven’t seen this simple yet wonderful invention, prepare for a cuteness overload. This turns any sink into a bath for your baby. Not only is it safe, soft and cute, it’s practical and great for mommies on the go. A poop explosion in a restaurant will be a problem no more.


  • The Gift of Diapers

Hold on, before you discard this as not really an authentic gift, every new mommy can appreciate this gift. They go in and out of diapers quite quickly, and it’s really a practical gift that will save them money in those first few critical months. If you want it to be practical and cool, try designing a custom diaper cake.


  • The Gift of Convenience

Whether it’s their first or second baby, or even their fifth, a gift certificate for a certain amount of money is always appreciated. Choose a store where they can either purchase diapers, wipes and other basic essentials or go specific and visit a local store where they do portraits of babies and newborns.


  • The Gift of a Backup

Having a diaper bag ready at all times is great, but as a new mommy, you usually aren’t organized enough. Life with a new baby can be chaotic, without packing a diaper bag every time you plan on going somewhere.  Pick up an emergency diaper bag for the mommy-to-be, and stuff it with all the essentials a baby would need during their first outings. That way newbie moms don’t have to worry about forgetting to pack something in their diaper bag.


  • The Gift of Storage

This little accessory isn’t really essential for the baby. But it is for the parents. Store your mobile phone, valet, keys and everything you need at hand, in a purse that can be attached to the stroller. It’s affordable, yet practical and perfect for the mommy and daddy of the 21st century.

nursing cover

  • The Gift of Privacy

Moms on the go can appreciate a good nursing cover. It’s great for moms who need privacy when they are breastfeeding in public. There are all sorts of different designs and colors to choose from so it can fit in with a style of every mommy.


Whatever you end up choosing, it’s important that it comes from the heart. Gifts are great, but it’s the thought that counts.

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