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Gifts for Your Boss: 7 Awesome Ideas

March 4, 2016

Written by: Snezana Krdzic

Buying a gift for your boss is one of those tasks that you can’t but not stress over, at least the slightest bit. If you want to find the perfect gift, without coming off as a shmooze, or even making your boss feel weird and uncomfortable, read our 7 awesome ideas, that will definitely make your boss think twice why he still hasn’t given you that promotion. These gifts, tailored to a leader’s personality, are what you need to think about when buying gifts for your boss.


1)    Wine Opener

If your boss likes tasting or collecting wines, every Wednesday is a probably a Wine Wednesday. And this requires opening up a bottle. An electric wine opener is a pure example of how you can combine the practical, modern and thoughtful. Your boss will surely appreciate it and think of you every time he has guests over and needs to pop open his favorite bottle of red.


2)    Give Him Power

And we don’t mean metaphorically, but literally. Your boss probably already has all the power he needs over you, but he could probably use some power from you. What are we babbling about? If your boss is a technology enthusiast, get a backup battery for his phone. We’re pretty sure he will appreciate this gift, especially when he hears the annoying sound of an empty battery, just two hours after charging.


3)    And Then There’s Chocolate

Honestly, you can never go wrong with chocolate. If you’re falling into the temptation to get your boss the cheapest chocolate you can find at your corner supermarket, stop right now. But if you know he has a sweet tooth then you should reach for your valet or for your secret stash of chocolates and get him a decadent box full of chocolates. Pure joy for his taste buds.


4)    The Show Off Book

If your boss is the one who likes to show off his family to everyone, why not make the experience of bragging a lot easier and more modern. This compact storage device holds just enough photos to flip through for hours, and it can fit into just any purse or bag. More than perfection!


5)    Gift Him a Show

Entertain your boss with a couple of concert tickets, if he’s into shows, and you’ll sweep him off his feet forever. Or just for a few months. Whatever the case may be, a concert enthusiast will appreciate the magnitude of this present because show tickets aren’t that easy to get, and definitely aren’t a cheap gift.


6)    Bring in the Organizer

Every entrepreneur needs some organization in his life, whether he wants to admit it or not. While the entire Pinterest and Youtube community is going crazy over organizers, your boss never seems to have his things in order. Surprise him with a unique and quirky organizer that he could use for his desk at work, where he can place all his pens, pencils, and business cards.


7)    Let the Games Begin

We’re not trying to stereotype your boss, but why not bring a little bit of fun and games to his office by gifting him a portable golf game? Those movie scenes on the rooftop, playing golf games can’t have come out of nowhere, right?

Tell us, do you buy your boss gifts, and if you do, share with us what they are?

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