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6 Important Tips to Live Happy 

June 27, 2016


We all have goals and dreams, whether it ‘be reaching super stardom, or having the most luxurious house, a vacation home on a private island or a couple of the hottest cars in our garage. But once we get passed the materialistic things, what is it that actually makes us happy and gives substance to our lives?

How do we grow and become someone who is happy, humble yet living the life of their dreams without too much stress?

In the end, everyone’s goal is to be happy. That feeling of warmth and content can’t be gained through buying extremely expensive items, whether you realise it now or you’re still getting to that point.

But in order to achieve ultimate happiness, you need to know how. You need someone to tell you what it is that makes every single day happy. Because you don’t just find a happy life, you make it.


  1. Grateful

Being grateful is a great way to regain inspiration, will and motivation. Overall, showing gratitude for what you already have in life may result in you feeling more up for helping others and improving your own life quality as well. Take some time out of your day to think about what you are grateful for. Whether it’s the free time you had to unwind, or the lovely flower bouquet you got from your partners, be thankful.

  1. Accept Failure

Life is full of ups and downs, and this is not something to be taken lightly. It’s not just a flat line, where everything is rainbows and sunshine. And those moments when you’re feeling down and broken, are exactly the times when you should think the most positive. It’s when we’re broken that the light shines through, and we can learn and grow the most.

Accept failure as an inevitable part of life, and don’t resent yourself or others. Learn from your mistakes and you’ll be a happier person. This also means learning to let go.


  1. Find Balance

Whether it’s your work and your personal life, your relationships with friends and family, you need to learn to balance. Balance is important, because too much of anything makes us feel worn out and unhappy. But, if you properly balance every single aspect of your life, you’ll feel more fulfilled, your life will be richer, and you’ll feel confident that you’re the one taking control and balancing your own happiness. And once you realise you’re the one in control, you’ll never feel helpless and lost again.

  1. Make Yourself a Top Priority

Some people might think this is selfish, but quite contrary. In order to be happy, you can’t just live your life thinking of others and how you can please then. While it’s necessary to be selfless, kind and loving, you can’t be content, if you’re not happy.

Always take some time out of your day to reflect on your feelings. Ask yourself, are you happy? And if so, be grateful. And if not, try to figure out what you are missing.

  1. Take a Time Out

Another very crucial thing for happiness is to take a time out from everything you have going on around you. We’re not talking about days of seclusion, but rather a few months or hours of solitude and peace. Go out for a walk in nature or spend a day outdoors, without your laptop, phone or planner. Simplify life.


We’re not suggesting to disband all things material, but you can, if that’s your cup of tea. We live in such a day and age where we’re surrounded by ’pretty things’ and that’s okay. Just don’t make them the basis for happiness, and look at the world with a positive mind. Once you change your mind set, you’ll change your life.

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