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5 Ways to Take Care Of A Tulip Bouquet

February 8, 2017
Tulip Bouquet

We’re all about tulips here at A Better Florist. But, wouldn’t it be lovely, once you take your favourite tulip bouquet from our shop, to have the tulips perky and vibrant in your vase for seven days, and avoid the droopiness after three days? It is possible, with the right care. We’re here to explain to you how to preserve the beauty of these delicate flowers. Keeping tulips fresh isn’t a complex task. Given that you have yourself a fresh batch of freshly-cut tulips, you’re off to a great start.


Less Water, More Life

Instead of filling your vase with fresh water all the way to the top, in the case of tulips, less is more. Put less water in your vase then you would with other bouquets, as tulips soak in the moisture and continuously grow. You don’t want this because they’ll end up growing and drooping, or breaking in half.

Also, Add a bit of bleach in the water to keep it clean and clear, and this way your tulips will last at least for a week.

Make the Right Vase Choice

Respect the long, sophisticated line of the tulip and find an appropriate vase for the arrangement. Make sure to give your tulips something to lean on, instead of placing them in short vases that are going to encourage them to droop over the edges of the vase.

No Re-cutting the Stems

Once the stems have been cut, don’t re-cut them again, or add water to the vase. That’s the crucial step to prevent droopiness of your tulip bouquet. Cut them once, in a diagonal direction, place them in a vase and watch them thrive.

Special Placement of a Tulip Bouquet

It’s also important to keep tulips in an environment that encourages them to stay fresh. Make sure to keep them out of direct sun, and away from any vents or drafts, to maintain their freshness for as long as possible.

Give Them Space

Even if you’re not exactly a green thumb and don’t have any arranging skills, make sure to place each tulip in the vase, leaving space for each stem. Don’t throw them all together, over each other, or the petals will fall out quicker and your entire tulip bouquet life span will shorten significantly.


If you have a tulip obsession, just like us, now you don’t have any excuses not to grab yourself a fresh tulip bouquet more often.


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