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5 Types of Wedding Bouquets for Every Bride to Be

February 26, 2016

Written by: Snezana Krdzic

Before the adventure of your lifetime begins, and by that we mean your wedding and marriage, all brides are faced with an endless decision to make about the wedding ceremony, the dress, the bridesmaid dress, the cake, the guest list, and of course, the wedding bouquet.

It is said that flowers are a part of the wedding ceremony as a symbol of fertility. Bouquets back in the day were nothing like beautiful flower arrangement today that resemble more art than just a bouquet.


Carnation Simplicity

Carnations have been used as wedding bouquets for a long time and are loved for their simplicity and light fragrance. Different colored carnations have different meanings, therefore, if you’re looking to carry a symbol of love down the altar, opt for a red carnation bouquet, while your boldness and courage will best be represented with pink carnations.

Sophistication of Roses

Rose wedding bouquets do not only look classy and decadent, but the very meaning of this flower perfectly blends into the story of a wedding. Roses represent love, and what better way to incorporate love into your ensemble than with a beautiful rose bouquet that can look stunning alone or in combination with any other flower. Any bride would be proud carrying down a lush rose bouquet down the aisle.

Passion of Tulips

If you’re passionate in every aspect of your life, as well as your relationship, you should definitely represent that on your special day, by carrying a tulip bouquet down the aisle. The amazing, vivid colors show off your equally amazing personality, and it’s definitely a unique solution for a wedding bouquet.

Magnificent Beauty of Calla Lilies

No fairy tale wedding is complete, without that one beautiful piece that will astound everyone with magnificent beauty. There’s no other flower with such deep cultural and historical roots, which not only does envelop beauty and significance but gives a special note to every bride that carries it. Each color has a different connotation, but one thing is certain. It’s nonetheless, the perfect wedding bouquet.


Joy and Purity of Gardenias

Tie the knot as peaceful and joyful you can be. Flowers are used instead of words, and showing how happy you are during that special day can only be achieved with a very fragrant and elegant gardenia bouquet.

We’re pretty confident that no matter what kind of a flower bouquet you decide to have on your wedding day, you’re going to look beautiful. However, we believe that finding the right one isn’t just a matter of looks, but also of their symbolism and meaning. Which bouquet represent you, the passionate tulips or joyful gardenias?

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