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5 Steps to Make Your Flower Bouquet Last Longer

January 22, 2017

There are those special flower bouquets we’d all like to keep forever, as fresh as they were that exact same moment you received them from a special someone, or on a special occasion. We know that feeling. But, because there’s no magical formula to keep your wedding or birthday flower bouquet alive forever (not yet), all we can do is help you preserve their beautiful freshness for as long as you can.

These five tricks are going to enable your bouquet to stay as fresh as possible for the longest time. Here’s what you need to do!


Use a Clean Vase

This might sound totally redundant, and we’re not implying you keep dirty vases hanging around your house. However, as we all know very well, bacteria and fungi can build up, no matter how enthusiastic you get about cleaning. Make sure that you clean out your vase with dish soap and water before you put your bouquet inside. Thoroughly rinse it out, so that all bacteria that could make your handcrafted flower bouquet wither away, are gone! So simple, yet very helpful.

Cut It

For this next step, you’re going to need a pair of scissors. Hold the stems of your flowers under water, and cut it at 45-degree angle. This will literally enable flowers to soak in more water and make them be as fresh as possible. Don’t make the mistake of putting the entire bouquet in the vase, along with the wrapping. No matter how beautiful the flower bouquet wrapping may be.

Feed Your Flowers

If you received the flower bouquet as a gift, you probably won’t receive the little packet of flower food along with it (because how special is that?!) Luckily, your florist surely has some. Flowers like to eat too, but in a less cheeseburger-kind-of-way that humans. Flower food packets are packed with bleach, so it kills the bacteria in the water, nutrients that keep the flowers fresh and perky, as well as an acidifier that keeps the pH levels in balance, and enable the stems to soak up all the water they need.

Use Filtered Water

Now, this next trick doesn’t mean you can’t use tap water. Tap water is just fine, and feel keep your flowers fresh and perky, as we’ve already said. But filtered water, being filtered from a lot of nasties, can be better for certain types of flowers that require extra attention in order to stay alive longer. So, if that bouquet really means a lot to you… #filter.

Don’t Overflow the Vase

It’s actually better for your flowers if you don’t fill the vase up to the very edge. This is because flowers ’drink’ water through the bottom of the stems only. And if you still have some foliage left on the sides, as most flower bouquets do, the flowers will rot in the water, pollute it and ruin all your hard work to keep your bouquet alive.


Now that you know what our 5 favourite tricks are, try it out. Let us know if it worked!





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