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5 Easy DIY Flower Table Arrangements

April 1, 2016

Creating inspiring or even jaw-dropping flower table arrangements isn’t a task fit only for the professionals. You can do it to, at your own home. With our help! Here are 5 suggestions for easy-to-do flower table arrangements that will make the room pop with… whatever you want it to pop with!


  • Clean and Classy Poppy

If you’re looking for something really elegant and radiant, that doesn’t require a lot of cutting, arranging or thinking, go for ruffly poppies. Get your favorite bowl or a vase, and get a handful of hosta leaves. Place the leaves outside of the arrangement, and make sure that the ruffly poppies make the center of the arrangement.

You can either put one of these arrangements on the table, or make a combo of smaller and bigger vases, and simply change up the color of the flowers.


  • Inside the Glass

Just because you’re not hiring a professional to do your flower table arrangements, doesn’t mean that they can’t look expensive and stylish! Here’s a gorgeous idea: Take the flower of your choice, it could be a calla lily, an orchid and place it in a really high, glass vase. You don’t want the flower to stick out of the vase, yet mysteriously stay inside the vase. Just like in the Beauty and the Beast.


  • Serving Flowers

If you really love the look of big blossoms such as roses, peonies and hydrangeas, then you will really love this flower arrangement. Take one of your favorites, whether it’s roses or hydrangeas, or basically all three of them and pick a pastel and calming color. Cut the stems short, because you won’t be putting them in a tall vase. You’re going to take one of the gorgeous looking serving bowls and place your flower arrangement inside. It won’t matter how you arrange it because the beauty of the lush flowers and the gorgeous serving bowl are an unexpected combo that will definitely turn heads.

lead-table-runner_gal (1)

  • A Growing Table Runner

This table arrangement is going to give your table a charming, natural feeling and give it just the right amount of decor it needs. Gerber daisies have always been one of our favorites. They are bright, gorgeous and fun, and can be used in absolutely every arrangement. Pair them up with wheat grass and align them along the center of the table for a vibrant and real-life table runner!


  • Clusters of Color

Short on time but really need a flower table arrangement on your table? Go to the grocery store and get a flower combo that you love the most. Then, get a medium tall vase and cut the stems short. Now, arrange the flowers into groups by color, not by variety, so that your quick and simple arrangement gets a little flair!


Being short on time or cash is really no excuse not to create a table arrangement that will dazzle everyone who walks by it. All you need is a handful of flowers and a couple of minutes to read out the easy walkthrough and you’ll make arrangements like a pro.

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  • Orlando Shannon April 22, 2016 at 4:52 am

    I adore the photos in this post. I have a serious obsession with flowers & peonies and roses are my favorite.