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10 Ways to Style Flowers for Mother’s Day

April 29, 2016

Flowers. Every woman adores them because they are quite the little beauties. They can make every event special, especially if you’re looking to surprise someone. For example, roses are a great way to make someone feel loved or show your passion towards them. On Mother’s Day, what you’re really looking for is your mom’s favorite flowers, styled in an original and beautiful way, and it will deliver the right sentiment without any doubt.

But if you’re really out of ideas and aren’t really the creative type, here are 10 different ways to style flowers for Mother’s Day that will make you look like a pro.



Focus on One Bloom

A gorgeous bouquet of flowers doesn’t have to be a mixture of various blooms in fact. Go mono botanic and pick up just on the type of flower that you love the most and pick up several bundles of it. Then you can make the bouquet or arrangement to be impressive and gorgeous by spreading the flowers around.


Seasonal Styling

Since Mother’s Day is celebrated on different days or even months throughout the entire world, you can style your flowers by choosing the flowers of the season and paying attention that the colors represent the colors of the specific season.




In the last year, flowers in Singapore which are in glass containers were huge hit, however, we’re suggesting to put your flowers in a non-transparent container. That way, your mom won’t have to stress about the murky water that can bee is seen through a glass container, plus, the detailing on the container can add a special touch to flowers.



The Same Cut

If you want a more clean look, take a vase or a container and measure one stem of the flower so that it just peeks out of the container. Then take the rest of the flowers and cut them so that they are all perfectly aligned in the container. Sometimes, perfection is simple.



Rustic Look

If you’re going for a more fresh-of-the-market look, you don’t necessarily have to run to the open market and buy fresh flowers. Get three kinds of blooms, and some greenery and wrap it all up in a paper. It’s going to look spontaneous, natural yet put together at the same time.


Focus on the Color

Make your bouquet vibrant and joyful by choosing different blooms of bright and strong colors that will get a double-take everywhere you pass.


Elegant Whiteness

Is your mom a classy gal? Stick with white flowers with greenery or vines, and keep the arrangement simple by tying a simple white or golden bow around it.



Think Small Yet Vibrant

Bigger doesn’t always mean prettier. Why not choose a smaller bouquet packed with gorgeous pink and purple blooms that keep the entire arrangement fun and vivid.



Unique Vessel

It’s not all about glass containers. If you’re struggling to give your bouquet that extra pop, pick a vessel that has a unique shape, and that doesn’t necessarily look like a vase.



Go Bold with Branches

If you’re more into gifting a grandiose bouquet, than try and make your simple arrangement stand out in size by adding a couple of cleaned up, long branches.


Always think in terms of combining colors, varieties, shapes and designs. It’s not all about getting the most expensive bloom. There’s something in putting a little bit of your own thought and imagination into creating the perfect Mother’s Day bouquet that’s going to have your name written all over it.


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