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10 Tips to Stay Cool This Summer

May 13, 2016

Summer is almost here and with it comes to the grueling heat and tiring dehydration. But, we would be lying if we didn’t say that we love summer, in fact, we’re summer junkies. We love the gorgeous glowing tans, the tasty and refreshing cocktails, the gorgeous and enchanting roses and the smell of the beach. The summer really does bring out the best in people. Everyone seems so positive and full of energy. But, with all the summer fun and activities, it’s absolutely necessary to take of your body and find ways to stay cool during the hot summer days.



  1. Icy Treats

Yes, we do mean the dangerously over-tasty ice-cream. Not only is it a delicious treat, it helps you stay cool during the hottest days of summer. If you’re really paying attention to calories, there are healthy alternatives for ice-cream that will do the same trick!

  1. Hair Tricks

During the summer, your hair can feel like a faux fur vest. It’s good for the winter, but when you’re boiling hot, it just won’t do. Here you have two options, either go for a sassy short bob or tie your hair in top knots, ponytails, and sexy messy buns. The point being, get your hair out of the way!

  1. Dress Brighter and Lighter

Make sure to avoid dark colors and thick materials. Go for clothing that’s made of natural materials and is brighter colors, in order to absorb less heat. Also, make sure that the clothing you’re wearing isn’t too tight, but more on the loose side, so that your skin can catch an occasional breeze and cool itself down.

  1. Water is Your BFF

During the summer days, you should avoid caffeine, and drink plenty of water. To be more precise, hydrate yourself every 15 minutes. In the high heat, the body tends to dehydrate very fast, that’s why it’s important to hydrate more often.



  1. Stay Covered

We can’t stay hidden inside the house forever, snuggling next to the AC in order to avoid the heat. But, when you do have to go out and let’s say buy a birthday gift for your best friend, stay covered. Hats, snapbacks, umbrellas, and trees you name it. Did you know that the cooling effect of one tree is equivalent to ten standard-sized air conditioners?

  1. Spray Bottle on the Go

Take a simple spray bottle and fill it up with water, then place it in the freezer to cool for a bit. Just grab it and put it in your purse whenever you go out. It’s so refreshing to spray yourself with cold water unless you’re wearing full-face makeup. Then it’s just not fun.

  1. Eliminate Strenuous Activities

Certain activities are just impossible to do in the summer. We’re not suggesting to stop going to the gym or play sports but go easy on yourself. Your body has a hard time dealing with the heat, so slow down.

  1. Turn Off Appliances

Whenever you’re not using your appliances, turn them off. They produce so much heat and make your entire house warmer than it should actually be.



  1. Eat Right

If you’re a major soup lover we’re so sad to say this, but a hot meal isn’t the best solution for the warmest summer days. Opt for lighter foods that are easier on the stomach and can’t be eaten or prepared without heat, such as salads and everything that comes in a fruit basket.

  1. Cool Yourself Tactically

So, this is a trick that you can do whether you have makeup on or not. If you’re in public, but you desperately need to cool down, go to the bathroom and cool your neck, wrists on your hands with cool water. Keep it under it for as much as you can. These are tactical areas that can make your entire body feel cooler.


How do you keep your cool during the summer? Share your tricks with us, because sharing is caring!

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