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10 Tips to Finding Your Perfect Wedding Florist

January 13, 2017

Decor is one of the wedding aspects that takes a lot of your time and money when you’re planning a wedding. And no wonder! Decor has a great influence on the entire atmosphere, and if planned out right can make your wedding truly memorable.Flowers play a huge role in decor. They bring life, joy, nature and beauty to just about any space. As flower arrangements, from the smallest ones to the biggest ones make all the difference, it’s important to choose the best florist who will see your vision and bring it to life. To find your Prince Charming of florists, here’s what you need to look for.


Look at the Portfolio

Before you choose your florist, look at his portfolio. Ask to see previous examples of his work, related to weddings. It’s the best way to see what the individual is actually capable of achieving, instead of just relying on the website testimonials and words of praise.



But, keep an open mind. Ask around for references, and see who people were impressed by when they had their wedding. After all, customers are always right, which means, they will know what’s good.

Find Someone Creative

If you’re planning on having a dream wedding, then look for the creative, less corporate florist. Take the time to get creative with your first consultation and see how imaginative and open-minded the florist is.



If you can’t communicate with your florist and get your ideas across, keep on looking. You need to be able to talk openly with your florist, so that your vision actually comes true.



Besides being able to talk openly to your florist, you also need to be able to find someone who will help you find your own style. You might not know yet what you want or even like, which is why you need to look for an experienced florist who can find that vision for you.



You are going to have a lot of your ideas, but the florist might have some as well. You don’t want a florist who can’t compromise and insists on only doing his ideas because he’s the expert. You also don’t want to push your ideas only. Finding the perfect florist means being able to compromise and find a balance between what you love and what the florist has envisioned for you.



Think about the location of your florist. Where does he get his flowers from? How far is he from the wedding venue? You want to find someone who’s close to you, so the flower delivery goes smooth and you don’t communicate with your florist simply via text or video calls.


Plan within Your Budget

Set a budget and be honest about it with your florist. If a florist can’t fit in your desires and his creativity within the budget, then he probably isn’t the right one for you. Find someone who is going to find a way to make your dreams come true, in a budget-friendly way.



Be careful. There are some florists who will be really busy with too many events and clients to cater to, so they might not have enough time to dedicate to you. Find someone who will take all the time necessary to discuss the wedding with you and plan every single detail to perfection. There’s no success without dedication.



Lastly, it’s important that you find a professional who isn’t afraid to listen to you and work with you. Mutual collaboration can work wonders, and produce something that’s unique only to you. And a good florist will know that.


How did you pick your florist? Do you have any other tips for our readers? Please share!

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