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10 Romantic Wedding Room Decoration Ideas Singaporeans Should Know

July 20, 2016

One of the biggest distinguishing factors between a good wedding and a great one is how effectively decorations are used to bring life, personality, and charm to the momentous occasion. Impress your family and friends on your big day with these romantic wedding decoration ideas:


  1. Cushions


Source: hipvan.com

For a dreamy, soothing ambiance, add cute cushions to the dining chairs. This design is an effortless means to bring patterns to your space, and looks especially romantic contrasted against rustic or outdoor backgrounds.

  1. Hanging Flowers 

hanging flowers

Source: hipvan.com

Nothing says romance more than a sea of vibrant flowers. Instead of the typical floral centrepiece you see at mostly every wedding, try arranging your favourite flowers to dangle head down from the ceiling. This natural decor idea will surely make your guests feel as if they stepped into a magical, serene forest.

  1. Ambient Lights

ambient lights

Source: hipvan.com

Good lighting is essential to any space as it captains the mood and atmosphere of the occasion. With lovely ambient lights, you are killing two birds with one stone: implementing good lighting with beautiful design. Ambient lights are an easy way to add visual variety in the day, and exquisite mood lighting at night.

  1. Coloured Glassware

coloured glassware

Source: hipvan.com

There are several different ways to add a pop of colour to your wedding reception tables, but rather than the standard flowers, tablecloths, or centrepiece, try giving coloured glassware a shot. This is a creative twist to the white, transparent glassware we see everyday without having to add superfluous embellishments that would clutter your table.

  1. Table Runner

table runner

Source: hipvan.com

Whatever the shape of your reception tables, plants, flowers, ribbons and fabrics all work perfectly to create a ravishing table runner. This decoration will instantly bring sophistication, elegance, and tidiness to your guests’ tables, a place where they will be spending a considerable amount of time dining.


  1. Photo Frames

photo frames

Source: hipvan.com

Photos are a meaningful way to cement beautiful moments. Digital cameras are great for highly detailed pictures, but their photographs take a while to be developed. Polaroid pictures are interactive, creative, and immediate and have a much more intimate and authentic feel. Once they have been shaken, put up polaroid pictures in photo frames for all your guests to admire and add on to.

  1. Large Love Letters

love letters

Source: hipvan.com

Not only is this an inventive photo prop, it is also a stunning statement piece for your wedding. Add lights to the letters for it to stand out at night and align it anywhere you wish. After all, a wedding day is a day of celebrating love!

  1. Wall of Flowers

wall of flowers

Source: hipvan.com

A lavish backdrop for your polaroid photo booth, this charming flower-covered wall will certainly be a hit at your wedding. Roses, peonies, carnations and daisies are just some of many potential flowers you can paste up. If not used for photos, this wall looks gorgeous standing on its own as a decorative piece.

  1. Personalised Bride & Groom Chairs

personalised chairs

Source: hipvan.com

Personalised bride and groom chairs are a special component in making the wedding day all about the newly weds, acting as their very own king and queen’s throne. Especially at a wedding, attention to detail goes a very long way!

  1. Handwritten Menu

handwritten menu

Source: hipvan.com

Just as handwritten letters are significantly more affectionate than emails, handwritten menus allow for an original touch and creative flexibility to an item that all guests will view. The added effort into crafting these menus by hand will surely work to impress.

And there you have it. With these ideas, the decorations of your dream wedding will be yet another thing to look forward to on your special day.


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